Horngate Lifeware Technologies currently consists of several products looking to become a business. Capital and business/marketing know-how are needed. Prospective partners are encouraged to make contact.

The following technologies are under development:

INTEGRITAS is a three-level system that combines a series of transmitted Empowerments with a curriculum of personal development. INTEGRITAS clarifies and strengthens the relationship between the personality and Core Self of an Individual, develops and integrates several aspects of being and facilitates a breakthrough to a greater state of existence. INTEGRITAS is now in final preparation for release. Level III will authorize Individuals to transmit the Empowerment and teach INTEGRITAS to others. When INTEGRITAS is available to the public, original profits from administering Level II will be donated to charity. For details on this course, please look here.

This is HLT's signature product. It is a seven stage course that assists an Individual in discovering and manifesting their basic goal or deep desire in life. The name "Horngate" comes from the "Gate of Horn" in Greek mythology, the gate by which True Dreams enter the world. The Horngate Course is currently being revised and updated, but please look here for an overview of the contents.

The Horngate Wealth Course will cover psychological and practical aspects of wealth and financial competence in three categories: (A) Understanding the essentials of money and economics, (B) Wealth as a state of existence and (C) Practical steps for creating and accumulating wealth. This course is still being researched.

Other courses and workshops concerning such areas as Deep Creativity and Mind-Body Integration are also in the works. HLT also has several nutritional formulas.

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