Watch out for these - and other - Road Hazards.



  • Yellow Road Signs, they often relate to a hazard ahead - yet they may be missing.
  • Pedestrians - whether walking, running, playing, on crutches, in wheelchair.
  • Cars, trucks, busses.
  • Bicycles and motorcycles.
  • Dogs, cats, deer, sheep, cows, pigs, bear, bobcat.
  • Emergency vehicles.
  • Bright sun low in sky.
  • Poor road conditions - Pot Holes, Rain, Fog, Ice, Snow.
  • Curves, Bad Curves, Really Bad Curves, Etc.
  • Vehicles changing lanes - Sometimes suddenly
  • Brake lights on vehicles anywhere
  • Directionals (or blinkers)

    Residential streets

  • Cars pulling into traffic - from a parked position.
  • Anyone "playing" near the road.
  • Pedestrians stepping out from behind or between cars.
  • Vehicles pulling out of side roads. Especially those drivers with poor visibility.
  • Pedestrians crossing roads at crosswalks.
  • Pedestrians crossing roads without crosswalks.
  • Cars stopping to parallel park.
  • Oncoming traffic.
  • Traffic restrictions.

    Roads near schools

  • Children playing near the road.
  • Children -- of all ages -- crossing without looking.
  • Crossing guards - they may, or may not, be doing a good job.
  • Children bicycling on the road.

    Country roads

  • Single lane roads.
  • Farm traffic.
  • Animals.
  • Blind curves.
  • Objects in the road -- tree limbs, dead animals, hay.


  • Vehicles breaking down.
  • Vehicles entering the highway.
  • Vehicles leaving the highway.
  • Vehicles changing lanes to overtake slower moving traffic.
  • Emergency vehicles.
  • Stationary traffic / road work / alternate traffic pattern.
  • Traffic traveling much faster or much slower than your vehicle.

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