Matt Meltzer's Services and ADAs (see section after the red, below)

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Meltzer's Driver Training Center

  • NYS Driver's Manual Review for those who have trouble memorizing the information in the manual for the NYS written test.
  • Basic Driver Training for ages 16 to 95 (and higher if necessary).
  • Road Test Preparation Service for those who already have driving ability.
  • Road Test Service for those who have the ability and need to see the DMV Examiner.
  • Stickshift (Standard) Driver Training: use of clutch and gear shift (customer supplied vehicle).
  • Advanced Driver Training for those with true concern.
  • Driver Rehabilitation for those who used to drive. Click on Driver Rehab.
  • Driver Evaluation for those for whom there is a question as to their ability. Click on Driver Evals.
  • Adaptive Driver Training for those who must learn how to drive using Adaptive Driving Aids. (See "Added to my Driver Training Car as necessary..." below)
  • Vehicle Modification Evaluation for those who need to have a vehicle modified or Adaptive Driving Aids added in order to drive.
  • Vehicle Modification Inspections to verify modifications or Adaptive Driving Aids were installed properly.

    Added to my Driver Training Car as necessary...

       Hand Controls: Sure-Grip Featherlite 2.0 Left hand use - Push / Pull
       Hand Controls: Sure-Grip Featherlite 2.0 Left hand use - Push / Right Angle
       Hand Controls: Sure-Grip Featherlite 2.0 Left hand use - Push / Rock
       Steering Wheel Spinner Base: @ 10:30 & 1:30 on the Steering Wheel
             Orthotics: single pin, tri-pin, 2 inch knob - regular, 2 inch knob - with a slip resistant surface
             Orthotics: MPS Palm Spinner
             Orthotics: MPS Quad Fork Spinner
       Directional cross-over lever
       Mobility Innovators Left Foot Accelerator Pedal with an OEM Gas Pedal Block
       Transfer Boards
       NUTEC Torso Belt Torso Support Positioning Belt
       2" - 15" Pedal Extensions
       Home made 2" Raised Floor
       Wide Angled (Full view) Mirror for student use
       Fit System (special side-view) Mirrors by K-Source, Inc. for students who have difficulty turning their head
       Seat Cushions (2" - 8")
       Seat Back Cushions (1" - 4") for those with pain in the lower back or for those with extra short legs.
       Key Extender
       Handybar - personal safety and support handle by Stander

    Always there...
       Windshield mounted Wide Angled (Full view) Mirror for my use!
       A GPS. I don't leave home without it -- I might not get back!! Then again, if I do forget, my iPhone has it's GPS also.
       TARSUS Driving Instructor Brake (and Gas!) from Sure-Grip (Ahhhhh - MY LIFE LINE!) ... It is always there!!!

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