Matt Meltzer's Services and ADAs (see section after the red, below)

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Meltzer's Driver Training Center

  • NYS Driver's Manual Review for those who have trouble memorizing the information in the manual for the NYS written test.
  • Basic Driver Training for ages 16 to 95 (and higher if necessary).
  • Road Test Preparation Service for those who already have driving ability.
  • Road Test Service for those who have the ability and need to see the DMV Examiner.
  • Stickshift (Standard) Driver Training: use of clutch and gear shift (customer supplied vehicle).
  • Advanced Driver Training for those with true concern.
  • Driver Rehabilitation for those who used to drive. Click on Driver Rehab.
  • Driver Evaluation for those for whom there is a question as to their ability. Click on Driver Evals.
  • Adaptive Driver Training for those who must learn how to drive using Adaptive Driving Aids. (See "Added to my Driver Training Car as necessary..." below)
  • Vehicle Modification Evaluation for those who need to have a vehicle modified or Adaptive Driving Aids added in order to drive.
  • Vehicle Modification Inspections to verify modifications or Adaptive Driving Aids were installed properly.

    Added to my Driver Training Car as necessary...

       Hand Controls: Left hand use - Push / Right Angle
       Hand Controls: Left hand use - Push / Rock
       Steering Wheel Spinner Base: Mobility Products Design 10:30 & 1:30 on the Steering Wheel
             Orthotics: single pin, tri-pin, 2 inch knob - regular, 2 inch knob - with a slip resistant surface
       Steering Wheel Spinner Base: Sure Grip 6:00 on the Steering Wheel - either hand.
             Orthotic: Sure Grip 2" Spin Master Spinner Knob - with a slip resistant surface
             Orthotics: MPS Palm Spinner
             Orthotics: MPS Quad Fork Spinner
       Directional cross-over lever
       Left hand gear shift
       Gear-shift extension
       Parking brake extension lever
       Guidosimplex or Veigel Left Foot Accelerator Pedal with an OEM Gas Pedal Block (EU 010)
       Transfer board
       NUTEC Torso Belt Torso Support Positioning Belt
       2" - 15" Pedal Extensions
       Home made 2" Raised Floor
       Wide Angled (Full view) Mirror for student use
       Fit System (special side-view) Mirrors by K-Source, Inc. for students who have difficulty turning their head
       Seat Cushions (2" - 8")
       Seat Back Cushions (1" - 4") for those with pain in the lower back or for those with extra short legs.
       Key Extender
       Handybar - personal safety and support handle by Stander

    Always there...
       Windshield mounted Wide Angled (Full view) Mirror for my use!
       A GPS. I don't leave home without it -- I might not get back!! Then again, if I do forget, my Droid has it's GPS also.
       Driving Instructor Brake from O S Brake, Inc. (Ahhhhh - MY LIFE LINE!) ... It is always there!!!

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