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I have done behind the wheel evaluations for clients with questionable driving skills, Learning Differences, Emotional Disabilities and Physical Disabilities since the beginning of time. Okay, it has only been about one half of a century.

I have seen clients for whom I have recommended that they:
       1) drive no more
       2) need further evaluation
       3) should have some training before driving more
       4) are showing me they can go ahead and drive.
              Some drivers -- experienced or not -- need Adaptive Driving Aids (ADAs) (some of which I have) in order to continue driving.

For those who need a Driver Evaluation, Driver Training or Driver Rehabilitation, I make myself available 24/7 with door-to-door service.

Driver Evaluations have been done at the request of the client’s parent, the client’s child, the client’s physician, an Occupational Therapist at a rehabilitation hospital, New York State VESID, New York State ACCES-VR, the client themselves, and others.

I am a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist with over 45 years experience. I teach driving full time. I have the desired credentials. Please see my CV at (Link # 10) or feel free to call me and ask.

Driver Concerns Encountered but not limited to:
Alzheimer's Disease, Amputation(s), Aphasia, Arm - Lack of Use, Blepharospasm, Cerebral Palsy, Deafness, Emotional Disorder, Dyspraxia, Friedreich's Ataxia, Homonymous Hemianopsia, Homonymous Quadranopsia, Leg(s) - Lack of use, Muscular Dystrophy, Mobius Syndrome, Monocular Vision, Multiple Sclerosis, Noonan's Syndrome, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Paraplegia, Parkinson's Disease, Post Accident Stress Syndrome, Post-Coma, Post-Polio Syndrome, Proprioception Concerns, Quadriplegia, Shortness (midget or dwarfism), Spina Bifida, Spinal Cord Injury - SCI, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Startle Reflex, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury - TBI, Turner Syndrome, Vision - Limited (Bioptic Lens users), Visual Perceptual, other birth defects, other Neurological Disorders, other Psychological Disorders.

Learning Differences Encountered but not limited to:
Asperger Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Dyslexia, Emotional Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome - FAS, Homonymous Quadranopsia, Lobectomy, Nonverbal Learning Disorder - NLD, Sensory Integration Disorder - DSI, Spina Bifida, Traumatic Brain Injury - TBI, Williams Syndrome, other Neurological Disorders, other Psychological Disorders.

Adaptive Driving Aids Used In Training but not limited to:
Ramp-van with Kneeling Function; Full-size Van with Wheelchair Lift; Various Wheelchair Lockdowns; Transfer Seat for driver; Digidrive (AEVIT "J-Series"); DS2000 (AEVIT "W-Series"); Digitone by EMC for secondary controls -- electronic remote for directionals/dimmer/horn/wipers; Mini-Touch by Access Unlimited for secondary controls -- electronic remote for directionals/dimmer/horn/wipers; Hand Controls by Drive-Master Corporation, Inc., Push/Pull & Push/Right-Angle; Hand Controls by SureGrip, Push/Rock; Hand Controls by Mobility Products & Design, Inc. (MPD), Push/Right-Angle; Hand Controls by Mobility Products and Services, Inc. (MPS), Push/Right-Angle; Low Effort Steering; "Zero Effort" Steering; Low Effort Braking; "No Effort" Braking; MPD Steering Wheel Spinner Base with various Orthotics: Single-pin, Tri-pin, 2” Knob, Cuff; Right-hand Directional Cross-over Lever; Left-hand Gear Shift Crossover; Left-foot Accelerator Pedal w/ OEM Gas Pedal Block; Mini-Touch by Access Unlimited for secondary driving controls -- wiper/washer/directionals/dimmer/horn; Gearshift Extension; 2" - 15" Gas and Brake Pedal Extensions; 2" Raised Floor; Fullview Mirror; Extra (In or Out)Side Mirrors; 2" - 10" Built Up Seat (seat cushions); Key Extender; Parking Brake Extension Lever; Transfer Boards.

Matthew Meltzer, CDRS

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