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Grand Manan Island - New Brunswick - Canada

Your visit to Grand Manan...

As the ship approaches the weathered wharf in North Head, you'll see The Marathon Inn up on the hill. This is
a working harbour. The men in the boats earn their living from the sea. The docks, the houses on stilts, the sight, sound and clean smell of the ocean are yours for as long as you choose to stay as our guests.

Grand Manan is an old world island where courtesy and character are important and people value friendship most of all. Grand Manan is still natural.

We present two sides to the sea and you'll want to visit both. And you can do it walking,
cycling or driving. Grand Manan is only five miles wide and three times as long but you will find much to explore: on the west, the great graggy cliffs, with the surf pounding and booming; on the east, stretches of white beach, pirate coves, little inlets and sheltered rocks; and between, you will find rolling fields, forests and fishing villages that have kept the character of bygone times.

Watch whales from sea or shore. Take a natural history tour, try sea kayaking or travel by boat to Machias Seal Island to view nesting puffins.

The island is also a haven for craftsmen and artists inspired by the scenery, wildlife and peaceful environment. Children too will have a wonderfil time in a healthy and active return to natural fun and adventure.

Grand Manan Island is renowned as a naturalists' and bird watchers' paradise. The island still teems with more than 275 species of birds that impressed even J.J. Audubon when he spent time here in 1833. Most of these, incidentally, are displayed in the local museum.

This is Grand Manan - and you'll be able to visit all of it easily from the comfortable and historic Marathon Inn

For more information on Grand Manan, be sure to visit our Tourism Site.

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