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Get support through this ADD and ADHD forum, hosted by us, for you.

Wildchild says "I hope this site will help you gain some of the insight, courage, imagination and patience that is needed when dealingwith children diagnosed with ADHD/ODD/OCD/LD. My goal is to give both parents and teachers some suggestions and information that just might help. Also, using my guest-book, you will be able to ask questions and receive advice from your fellow ADDer's. "

Our objective is to promote awareness to Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and to provide information and as much free practical help as we can to sufferers, both adults and children, and their families in the UK and around the World via this website

An amazing resource if you wish to find out more, from educational sources ~ you can even get class lessons for gifted children!

A site with a forum, called  Talk about it! It talks of mental disorders and could give you some insight if you have this in your family as well as ADHD.

The Transcendental Meditation® program, a natural, effortless procedure practiced for 10 to 20 minutes twice daily, provides a practical alternative for those not interested in drug dependency or the harmful side effects associated with such treatment.

ADDed Attractions is FREE! and filled with timely and valuable articles about medication, parent coaching, school, legal issues concerning special education and more! All contributed by professionals in their fields and delivered free on the 15th of each month.

ADDHelpline - An online resource center, monthly interactive newsletter and support group for parents raising children with ADD/ADHD. "Together we can make a difference in the lives of our children."

ADHD, ADD, ODD, CD, Depression, OCD, RAD, Bi-Polar, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Wellbutrin, Paxil, Zoloft, Ritalin, Conduct Disorders??? If these sound familiar to you, chances're desperate. is a companion site to our wonderful Parent Message Board...that is worth more than many years of paid therapy. It is filled with 1400+ parents, teachers, and extended family members who most likely are going through the same trauma that you are in living with a child with one of the many defiant behavior disorders such as ADHD, ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder), CD (Conduct Disorder), or depression. If you'd like to hear some of our experiences, family stories, things we've tried that worked... that didn't work, feel free to browse our stories.

The Anti-Aging Newsletter. Surprising bi-weekly ezine covering current news, science, tips re. weight management; alternative, nutritional medicine, books, free product offers, special discounts. To subscribe, click here

ADHD ezine backcopies message board links to  ADHD   sites  ADHD books Nutrition email us