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Annual Combination Classes for Beginner/Intermediate Students
are Scheduled to resume SEPTEMBER 9,2021

(annual sessions end the 3rd week in June)
4:30-5:30 3-5 Tap, Ballet, Gymnastics/Acro
5:30-6:30 6-10 Tap, Ballet, Jazz/HipHop
6:30-7:30 6-15 Gymnastics/Acro-Fitness
7:30-8:30 11+ Tap, Ballet, Jazz/HipHop

Pre-registration is currently open for Thursday beg/Int Annual Classes.
To hold your Dancer's place in the class visit the
"ONLINE PAYMENTS" link (Cinderella website's homepage) and remit
the $25 Annual Registration fee (The Registration fee is due each year
at the time of registration valid through June of the following year).
You will receive the registration form and class information via Email.
Annual Students perform 3 routines in the annual SHOWTIME recital.
Tiny Princess Ballet resumes May 2022: 4:00-4:30 4 & Under
6 week session-May/June.


4:00-5:30 4-7 CcDanceCrew Mini Performance Team
430-6:00 8-12 CcDanceCrew Junior Performance Team
6:00-7:00 CcDanceCrew Solo/Competition/Acro Team
7:00-8:30 13+ CcDanceCrew Senior Performance Team

CcDanceCrew Annual classes (August-June) are for Intermediate/Advanced
students ages 4 and older. To Schedule an Audition for your Dancer, email
CINDERELLADANCE@YMAIL.COM. Auditions will not be held during the
6 weeks prior to each recital - Audition fee $25.(Cinderella's Annual
students are not required to audition, they are selected according to
Skill, Conduct and Attendance and will be informed when they become
eligible). CcDanceCrew members will perform 2 or 3 group routines in
EVERY recital and at Community, Church & Charity Events in
The Coastal Bend throughout the season. For information visit
the CcDanceCrew facebook fanpage:
Advanced students age 5+ who have been on the Performance Team for at
least 1 year are candidate to be selected for the Solo/Competition/Acro
Teams and will have competitive opportunities in addition to local

Cinderella Corpus Christi SEASONAL SESSIONS
10:45am ages 2-5
11:30am ages 6-10
12:15pm ages 11-18

6 Week Seasonal Sessions include weekly classes, costume and FREE recital.
Students enrolled will perform 1 routine (Ballet/Lyrical, Character/Acro or Jazz/HipHop)
in the recital they sign up for. For information please visit the "CINDERELLA'S 6 WEEK
SEASONAL SESSIONS" link (on the website homepage) or follow the Cinderella School
of Dance facebook fanpage:
I. HAUNTED HALLOWEEN - Recital for Dance Team and Sept/Oct Seasonal Session students
II. ENCHANTED CHRISTMAS - Recital for Dance Team and Nov/Dec Seasonal Session students
III. CELEBRATION OF SPRING - Recital for Dance Team and Feb/Mar Seasonal Session students
IV. SHOWTIME - Recital for Annual Students, Dance Team and May/June Seasonal Session students

RECITAL SOLO PRIVATE LESSONS Weekly 30 minute lessons for 6 weeks prior to
recital date. Students will learn choreography to perform a Solo or Duet/Trio in the
recital they choose. Recital soloists perform in Recitals only.
ANNUAL PRIVATE LESSONS Weekly 30 minute lessons August-June which include
solo choreography, fitness and technique. Students will be assigned curricula
according to their ability but have the option of choosing their dance genre
(Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz, HipHop, Song & Dance, Cheer, Acro/Gymnastics).
Depending on their skill level, students may perform a solo in the recital
and at local events, and have competitive opportunities - it is at the directors
discretion to determine if they will perform/compete. Students can also choose
a recreational curricula and not perform. For information email and visit the facebook fanpages:
Cinderella School of Dance -
CcDanceCrew -

EVENT/TRYOUT PRIVATE LESSONS for Pageantry, School Cheer Teams/Dance
Teams/Talent Shows, Tryouts or Social Events(Weddings/Quinceaneras) are available
by appointment - $25 registration fee required (total registration fee for the
group or for an individual in this class is $25). These classes meet weekly
or bi weekly classes and are short term geared toward a specific event (these students
in these classes do not perform in the studio's recitals/local appearances nor do they compete)

Register Anytime by visiting the "ONLINE PAYMENTS" link
(on the Cinderella website's homepage)
and remit the $25 Annual Registration fee
(due each year at the time of registration valid through June of following year). You will receive the registration form and class information via Email.

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$5.00 - Registration/ Audition Fee for ALL 6 weeks sessions
$25.00 - Registration Fee for Annual Group Classes and ALL Private lesson (1 fee total per year per student - non refundable)
$25.00 - CcDanceCrew Audition fee - (new Students)
$125.00 - Tues/Weds/Thurs Annual Group Classes & Private Lessons(per class per month)
$20.00 - Late fee after the 5th of each month (TUITION IS DUE IN THE 1ST)
$125.00 - Tiny Princess Ballet Class (6 weeks, 1 class/week)
$125.00 - Port Aransas Aug/Sept and Apr/May (6 weeks, 1 class/week-includes costume/recital)
$150.00 - Cinderella's Seasonal 6 Week Sessions (6 weeks, 1 class/week-includes costume/recital))
$150.00 - Cinderella Princess Dance & Art Camp (Mon-Thurs, 1-4 pm, 3rd wk in July)
$185.00 - Recital Solo Private Lessons (6 weeks, 1 class/week)
EVENT/TRYOUT Private Lessons:
1 - 30 min lesson = $35
4 - 30 min lessons = $125
6 - 30 min lessons = $185
6 - 1 hour lessons = $250
FREE - Recital


Call: 361-244-6733
If you don't get an answer, please send a text message

Page Updated: March 1, 2021