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The cruising life is a wonderful life!


When we set out on our sailing adventure over 10 years ago, we never could have imagined the incredible experiences we would encounter along the journey we were about to begin.

It's not all a "Champagne and Caviar" life as any live aboard cruiser will testify, but the good times seem to always outweigh the bad in a strange sort of way.

While living and cruising aboard, we have been thoroughly exposed to the many contrasts of sailing life, more than many have experienced in a lifetime (ie. hit by waterspout, hit by freighter, hurricanes, storms, etc.) but somehow, we will value our years aboard as our most cherished.

In all our years of cruising, what we least had expected to encounter was the comradery of cruisers, people who were willing to risk their lives to help others. It was a very touching experience in a time when we had almost lost faith in human nature. With your help we would like to keep that spirit of comradery alive in this website.

This website is designed to aid all cruising sailors with updated information on destinations, anchorages, provisioning etc.. Any one with any information they're willing to share (passages, places, pics, etc.) or with questions can E-mail us.

We appreciate any info or comments that you would like to share


"Snow Goose"


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Here are a few pictures of Snow Goose, some of the places she's been, and some of the friends we met along the way!

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