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These animals were first made by Renwal in the late 50s for their zoo playset. Renwal decided to get out of the toy business and concentrate on their model kits and sold off their toy molds in the 1959/60 period. Plasticraft bought a number of the molds like the Viking Ship, Panama Canal, drawbridge and zoo sets and sold the items in their own packaging. Pictures courtesy David Schafer.

The one or two years Renwal sold the zoo animals they were made in a peach flesh color similar to that used by Marx in the 1960s for their Daktari Playset jungle animals. This lead to some confusing later in the collecting market with the Renwal animals thought to have been made by Marx. Plasticraft ran the figures in the rainbow colors of; red, blue, yellow & green and sold them in header bags and blister cards.


Adult Elephant; NONE.

Baby Elephant; 1 yellow, 2 red.

Adult Giraffe; NONE.

Baby Giraffe; 1 blue, 6 green.

Adult Camel; 2 green, 1 red.

Baby Camel; 1 red.

Adult male Lion; NONE.

Lion cub; 1 red, 1 green.

Female Lion; NONE.

Adult Bear; 1 blue.

Baby Bear; NONE.

Adult Seal; NONE.

6.00 Baby Seal; NONE.

Pirates are about 90mm / 3 3/4 inches in size.

8.00 Pirate captain with peg leg, HP; NONE.

6.00 Pirate captain with peg leg, SP; NONE.

8.00 Pirate standing with hands at waist, HP; NONE.

6.00 Pirate standing with hands at waist, SP; NONE.

8.00 Pirate standing shooting rifle, HP; NONE.

6.00 Pirate standing shooting rifle,SP; 4 hot pink.

8.00 Pirate digging with shovel,HP; NONE.

6.00 Pirate digging with shovel,SP; 1 metallic blue.

8.00 Pirate standing with sword, HP; NONE.

6.00 Pirate standing with sword,SP; 1 hot pink.

8.00 Pirate kneeling with pistol and sword,HP; NONE.

6.00 Pirate kneeling with pistol and sword,SP NONE.

8.00 Davy Crockett with knife, HP, pale cream, 90mm. (2, (2.00 NO KNIFE; 2))

8.00 Davy Crockett with rifle, HP, pale cream, 90mm. (NONE), (2.00 SHORT RIFLE; 1)

NONE Indian

NONE - Blue cowboy with redbrown horse.

12.00 Red cowboy with redbrown horse.

These figures were made for Archer in the 1952/53 time frame. They had them made in metallic green hard plastic for their space sets. They were also sold separately in small boxes in army green hard plastic and it seems some in soft plastic as well. When Archer decided to quit selling toys and work on child guidance/educational products in the 1956-63 time period they sold the mold to Plastic Craft (Plasticraft)who made the soldiers in soft plastic. Older figures were made in silver, other metallic colors, tans, browns, red and yellow. Later figures were made in army greens.

NONE 15 Figure bagged set.

NONE - Play Time Fun bagged set, 8 figures I think>


UN26 Standing shooting rifle; 3 army greens.

UN27 Kneeling shooting rifle; 10 army greens.

UN28 Marching w/ rifle; 3 army greens.

UN29 Throwing grenade; 12 army greens.

UN30 Advancing with M.G. across chest; 1 yellow, 8 army greens.

UN31 w/ Pistol, in gas mask; 4 army greens.

UN32 Clubbing w/ rifle; 7 army greens.

UN33 Run w/ rifle x waist; 6 army greens greens.

UN34 Standing shooting bazooka; 11 army greens.

UN35 Advance w/ rifle x waist; 4.

Early 1970s red and yellow production figures. Came in bags No. 939 - 39 Cents "Cobra Division Combat Troops". I broke open the bags to sort into sets. The shades of red will vary per set but the yellow is consistent. Expect some flashing on the figures.

20.00 Ten in all 10 poses + header card; 2 reds, 2 yellow.

MPC GI ringhand copies made by Carzol of Canada in a Plasitcraft header card bag. No wonder we get confused.

NONE - Plasticraft No. 9029 Cobra Division Combat Troops with Interchangeable Parts. About 8-10 figures + a bunch of accessories.

OUT OF STOCK - 20 In all six poses, army green. ()

1.00 EACH

With pistol, green. (2)

Clubbing with rifle, green.(1)

With Bazooka, green. (2)

Pointing rifle downward, red. (1)

- 45.00 Plasticraft #998 100 Combat Soldiers, 30/35mm circa 1960s.

Soft Plastic train with separate wheels.



5.00 1908 Stanley Steamer; NONE.

5.00 1909 Franklin Taxicab 18H.P.; NONE.

5.00 1910 Buick Roadster, SP with HP wheels; NONE.

5.00 1911 Packard 18 Lanaulet SP with HP wheels; NONE.

Some marked Plasticraft other not, but they all have the same spoke wheels and came together. Hard plastic.

6.00 Same as blue car above, but red, HP with metal axles, no markings.

We think these are by Plasticraft but they may be from ex Renwal molds that Plasticraft bought.

4.00 Dump? truck.

4.00 Tanker truck.

NONE - Set #1850 SPORTS CARS; Four soft plastic cars that each maybe 3-4 inches long, MIB.

Harbor Fleet, boats soft plastic about three inches long.

3.00 Tug; NONE.

3.00 Tanker; NONE.

3.00 Cargo; NONE.

3.00 Patrol Boat; NONE.

4.00 Jet.(NONE)

Plasticraft made six 50mm space figures in hard plastic and sold them on cards. Three figures for 10 cents.

NONE - Alien standing erect, arms at sides;.


Premier was based in New York City as was Lido and evidently used the same mold maker as their figures bear a striking resemblence to Lido's figures. Some of the cowboys and Indians are exact copies of Lido's figures.


All but the horse and two cowboys are direct copies of Lido figures and were probably made by the same mold maker. Only when found with the two distinct cowboys in the same colors do we list the "Lido" poses here as Premier. The Darlie Boutique company like Premier (and most other major toy companies) had space in the Toy building at 200 Fifth ave in NYC and probably got the figures after Premier went out of business.

NONE - Small Premier header card bag, 15 COWBOYS INDIANS AND HORSRES, has the unique premier poses. ()

2.00 Small horse; 1 copper, 2 green, 1 yellow, 1 brown, 1 tan, 1 black.

2.00 Cowboy shooting pistol; 7 reds, 4 yellow, 2 blue, 3 tan, 1 green, 1 purplepink mix, 1 gray.

2.00 Cowboy hands at sides; 1 green, 1 red, 1 yellow, 2 brown, 1 dull orange, 1 darker green lighter green mix.


1.00 Cowboy with rifle x chest; 3 red, 2 brown, 1 purple, 2 blue, 1 tan, 1 pea green.

1.00 Cowboy with lasso; 1 red, 5 green, 3 pea green, 1 blue, 2 brown, 1 gray, 1 dull flat orange.

1.00 Cowboy shooting rifle; 1 yellow.

1.00 Indian Kneeling shooting rifle;1 green.

1.00 Indian waving, holding rifle; 1 tan, 1 brown, 1 aqua blue, 1 dull flat orange.

1.00 Indian Chief holding bow; 1 pea green.

1.00 Indian in buffalo headress walking; 4 green, 1 tan, 2 brown, 1 dull flat orange, 1 charcoal gray, 1 gray.

1.00 Indian crawling with tomahawk; NONE.

- Generic Premier header Card.

70/80mm, SP Children, soft plastic unless noted.

25.00 carded, bagged set of four doll house girls, bronze soft plastic, bag open at top.

6.00 Girl with arms at sides; 1 whitish pink, 1 pink.

6.00 Girl doing a curtsy; 1 light pink, 1 HARD PLASTIC, pink.

6.00 Girl with book at chest; 1 light pink.

6.00 Girl jumping rope; 1 whitish pink.

8.00 Spaceman lightning bolt on chest, Airhose from helmet to left shoulder; NONE, (2.00 NO HOSE; 1 silver).

6.00 Space figure rifle x chest, HP; NONE.

4.00 Space figure, hand on holster, HP; 2 red, 3 violet, SP; NONE.

5.00 Space figure w/ pistol up, HP; NONE.

NONE - Larger hard plastic space ship with separate wheels under the wings.

NONE - Smaller hard plastic space ship with molded on wheels.

They are 40/45mm in size. The bagged set (thanks to Mike Handley for locating this set) contains the Army poses. We think the two Air Force poses were sold with airplanes. The Air Force figures are older and can be found in hard and soft plastics (some feel these were made by LIDO). These are probably copies of the Army figures were made and included in a Renwal rocket battery model kit.

1.00 Army marching with rifle, greens. (6)

3.00 Army marching with rifle, corporal, MAY BE REVELL; 2 HP, 1 HP factory painted.

1.00 Army standing in cap right hand out, greens.(8)

1.00 Army kneeling left hand out, greens.(8)

2.50 Army kneeling fluorescent red.

3.00 Air Force officer walking, HP; 1 silver, SP; 5 army greens, 4 silver, (2.00 a little scuffed; 2 silver).

3.00 Air Force pilot waving, HP; NONE, SP; 3 army greens, 8 silver.

We believe the above 70mm hard plastic GIs to have been made by Premier (thanks to Bob Jones for unearthing them). They look very similar in style and sculpture to the girls seen above. Light green figure photo courtesy Robert Damiano. Also made in Army green, metallic green & silver.

6.00 Standing shooting rifle, HP; 2 army green.

2.00 Marching with rifle, HP. (NONE)

6.00 Throwing grenade; 1 SP army green.

6.00 Walking rifle pointed downward; NONE.

6.00 Walking with carbine across waist, HP; NONE, (2.00 SHORT RIFLE 1 HP army green).

6.00 Walking in crouch with rifle.(NONE)

6.00 Walking with pistol in right hand, army green HP. (NONE)

6.00 Kneeling shooting bazooka; 2 HP army green.

Note the difference in the wheels between payton and premier.

NONE - U.S. PLANES header card bag, about 20 airplanes that look like the ones sold by PAYTON. Both companies were located in Brooklyn and probably used the same mold maker.

1.00 P-51 maybe; 2 aqua.

1.00 F-86 jet; 2 red, 1 pink.

1.00 F105 with wing pods; 1 green, 1 white.

2.00 4 Engine bomber; 1 yellow.

Premier 3 inch bombers

3.00 Longer six engine plane front of engines barely protrude from the front edge of the wings; 1 brown.

3.00 Shorter four engine plane; 1 red.

3.00 Longer six engine plane, front of engines stick well out of the front edge of the wings; NONE.


Photos of carded figures courtesy of Bill Hanlon. See more Thomas items at his wonderful web site.



soft plastic unless noted.

4.00 Roman waking with sword; NONE.

5.00 Roman walking with spear; 5 green.

6.00 Roman with whip; 1 gray vinyl.

6.00 Roman mounted; NONE.

5.00 Riding horse no side hole; NONE.

5.00 Chariot horse with side hole; 4 black SP, 4 off white SP.

8.00 Chariot horse with side hole and wheels on two hoofs; 1 brown HP.

12.00 Chariot; 1 red with 2 black horses & gray vinyl rider with whip. All are soft plastic, chariot missing foot strap and and has chews.

3.00 Chariot with horse attachment peg damage;

1 gold HP with white wheels,

1 red HP with white wheels.

NONE IN STOCK - Thomas?? Roman with shield, peg on right foot.

Pirate photo courtesy Bill Hanlon and are the original Kirkste masters made by the Ferriot Brothers. These were only sold in England for a short period. The first three seem to be based upon Ideal poses.

Catalog and carded set pictures courtesy Joe Grindley, loose figure picture courtesy Rick Koch. Figures about 45mm in scale.

4.00 Indian with rifle in crook of left arm, right hand up; NONE.

4.00 Indian maiden with baby on back; NONE, (2.00 1 red HP NO FEATHERS).

4.00 Indian boy with hand on mouth.

From the estate of the founder of Thomas Toys comes this lot of probable test shots of the 45mm Indian family in waxy white and pale yellow. Each set of four figures will be a mix of these colors as they are hard to match.

3.00 Indian with rifle; 1 whitish.

3.00 Indian maiden with baby on back; 4 whitish.

2.00 Indian boy with hand on mouth; 3 whitish.

2.00 Indian boy with bow; NONE.

Small Stagecoach, 40mm. NONE IN STOCK

1.00 Stagecoach horse hole on right side, white. (2)

1.00 Stagecoach horse hole on left side, white. (NONE)

NONE - 65/75mm Stagecoach with two " Roman chariot" horses.

NONE - Swivel Indian, 60/65mm.

NONE - Swivel cowboy, 4 inches.

Later soft 4 INCH swivel plastic figures.

NONE - Indian.

NONE - French Foreign Legion.

NONE - Arab.

Photos of carded and boxed military sets courtesy of Bill Hanlon.

Army figures with the exception of the man with flamethrower are identical to Ajax figures. The molds were probably made by the same person.

7.00 Civilian motorcycle Driver; NONE.

9.00 "Mexican" driver; NONE.

3.00 Mexican sombrero, rubber like vinyl; NONE IN STOCK.

7.00 Military motorcycle driver; NONE.

NONE - Vinyl Motorcycle Driver as a Mexican riding on a hard plastic mule.

NONE -Hard plastic Motorcycle Diver as a Mexican riding on a mule, reddish with worn bronze coatings.

6.00 Mule; NONE.

NONE - Mule, SP #5, a bit smaller than the hard plastic mule, butterscotch. (NONE)

Thomas used a variety of figures in their doll houses and blister card sets. They are usually found in rubber like vinyl and can be very rubbery. The smaller one inch baby was the first soft plastic figure sold in the united states in 1947.

3.00 Boy hand up; 3 pinkish vinyl.

3.00 Girl hand up; NONE.

3.00 Smaller one inch baby; 9 pinkflesh vinyl.

3.00 Bigger two inch baby; 1 cream vinyl.

NONE - Snow sled, dog & kids.

Figures in viynl can be painted with blue or red shirts and the paint is usually worn due to age.

3.00 Seated girl; 5 factory painted vinyl, 1 yellow polyethylene (SP).

3.00 Seated boy; 4 factory painted vinyl, 2 later polyethylene (SP) yellow.

The dancing couple was engineered so that the figures cling together as if dancing. The bent arm on each figure was molded separately and glued in place.

10.00 Dancing man; NONE.

10.00 Dancing woman; 1 pinkflesh.

Interesting note the walking dachsund comes in two varieties, with and without a collar.

5.00 Walking Dachshund with collar; 1 redbrown vinyl, 2 tan vinyl, 3 brown SP, 1 redbrown SP, 1 white SP, 1 cream SP.

5.00 Walking Dachshund NO collar; 4 redbrown vinyl, 2 tans vinyl.

5.00 Cocker Spaniel puppy head up; 11 redbrown vinyl, 2 tan vinyl, 1 brown vinyl, 1 whitish gray vinyl, 1 redbrown SP, 1 black SP, 1 red HP, 2 white with gray paint HP.

5.00 Cat walking; 1 tan vinyl, 2 redbrown vinyl, 1 dark brown vinyl, 1 carmel SP, 1 red HP.

Thomas children from around the world. There are six figures in the set and they were made of a very rubbery material and soft plastic. We think the majorette is factory painted.

5.00 Pirate; NONE.

5.00 Miss America; 1 pinks SP.

5.00 Majorette; NONE.

5.00 Baby Scotsman in kilt; NONE.

5.00 Dutch boy; NONE.

5.00 Dutch Girl standing; 1 tan vinyl, 1 pink vinyl.

Smaller copies? of Thomas kids. Soft plastic.

3.00 Pirate, red.

3.00 Dutch boy, yellow.

Auburn 70mm cow shown for scale.

NONE - Thomas milking cow (Assume it does not work).

5.00 Rocker, 60mm

NONE - Baby Carriage, 60mm.

NONE - Trailer, HP.

NONE - 3 Inch Airplane, SP.

Bronze space figures picture courtesy Steve Thompson.

Like other US toy figure makers Thomas Toys added bases to their space figures so they would stand better.

12.00 Alien with ray rifle across chest; NONE.

12.00 Spaceman advancing with ray rifle; NONE.

12.00 Alien drawing pistol; NONE.

12.00 Alien with pistol and finned helmet; NONE.

12.00 Spaceman with pistol and hatchet; NONE.

12.00 Spaceman erect with pistol; NONE.

Thomas made a variety of plastic sailboats. These are the smallest they made at under three inches in length.

OUT OF STOCK - Small sailboat.