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James Martin's Lyme Disease Horror Story

(How Lyme Disease and Exploitation of ERISA Laws Can Destroy A Life)
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The only prognosis worse than "poor" (my current prognosis) is "fatal."
Granted Social Security Disability during July, 1999.

The following KRLD News Radio reports on Lyme disease do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of KRLD or CBS. Under no circumstance should they be construed as medical advice. The material is copyrighted by KRLD and CBS, and cannot be rebroadcast or retransmitted without express written permission.

(Thanks to Pamela and Ross Edwards and Brad Barton for providing the broadcast tape)
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Urgent Items

Beyond Lyme Disease's Symptoms Lies The Truth

Questioning Long-Term Lyme Cases

HR 1304

2nd Battle Of Gettysburg

Lyme Vaccine Fears

Germ Warfare

The Rest Of The Story

Physician Harrassment

More Physician Harrassment

Making A Killing

HMOs and the Critical Lists

The Real Medical Malpractice

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Art D. Lyme Links

Other Lyme Links

My Saga



The Bureaucrats Step In

Job Performance
My Resume

The Story Resumes

Illegal Denials

Corporate Mentality

Latest From MRG

Very Interesting

Texas Lyme

TBME: Clarification on Lyme

Hearing Minutes

Texas Lyme, Round 2
Impression 1
Another Impression

SUNY Hospitals OK?

NYS Meltdown?

NYS Senator Lack

The Dirty Truth

Protest At NIH
Protest Pictures

Hall of Shame

NIH e-mail

Last Chance

LLMDs Attacked

Dateline NBC

Texas Feds

Bacterial Revolution



Guess Who's Next?

ERISA Employee Manual


Dr. Greenhood Responded

Dr. G urged that I contact Intracorp.
Intracorp Responds
I Respond


MRG Attorney Heard From

Denied Claims

Pending Claims

Follow-up, Pending Claims

You Look Fine!

Stay tuned! Between the DOL, US Senate and Congress, and the UN Human Rights Commission, the jerks I used to work for have some heavy duty stuff about to desend on them!

" I think it is a very common error among the well, to think that "with a little more self control" the sick might, if they choose, "dismiss painful thoughts" which "aggravate their disease." Believe me, almost any sick person who behaves decently well, exercises more self-control every moment of their day than you will ever know until YOU are sick yourself. Almost every step that crosses their room is painful to them; almost every thought that crosses the brain is painful; and if they can speak without being savage, and look without being unpleasant, they are exercising the utmost self-control. " Florence Nightingale

September 11, 2001

Thought For The Day
MAY is Texas Tick-borne Diseases Awareness Month

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