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We are a software development company, based in Cardiff, United Kingdom. We specialise in small utility programs and games for PC. We have two shareware programs on release at the moment, Message Pad and Invaders.

Welcome to the Io Development web site. This site is mainly about our software, with unregistered versions available for download. Click on one of the links below to be whisked away to that section.

Msgpad Message Pad
Windows scheduling program. Powerful interface with many useful features including: calendar, audible alarms, regular reminders, launch programs, sticky notes and more. Organise your plans more efficiently, from TV programmes to business meetings, whatever your lifestyle. Full version

Inv Invaders
The reworking of a classic arcade game, with new bits. You control the ship and defend the Earth from the hordes of attacking alien invaders. Discover why PC Review magazine wrote "this clone of arcade classic Space Invaders is damn near perfect" in issue 85, September 1998. Full version includes Buff

Graphics Graphics Solutions
Find out how Io Development can produce professional graphics for your business or personal requirements.

Cont Contact Us
We welcome feedback on this web site or our software, particularly if you experience any problems with either of them.

Shar What is Shareware?
A clear and easy description of what we mean by "shareware" and related terms.

Down Downloading
Additional information on downloading compressed zip files with links to unzip programs.

Reg How to Register
How to obtain a full registered version of Message Pad or Invaders with all of the features and no reminder screens.

Link Related Sites
Links to other sites of interest - classic arcade games, music and essentials.

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Last updated on the 19th May 1999
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