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All birdhouse lovers, collectors, and designers are welcome!

This is THE webring for birdhouse enthusiasts. If you collect them, decorate them, sell them, or simply just love them, this is the webring for you.

This is a brand new webring started on April 23, 2000. Hopefully with your help we will grow in leaps and bounds. Our main goal is to promote a healthy, growing ring which will furnish bird and birdhouse knowledge, friendship, and the open sharing of our expertise. Membership is free. If you think this is the Ring for you, please fill out the handy application form below.

After you fill out the application below, you will see a confirmation page. This lets you know that you have been placed in a Queue or holding area for the Ringmistress's approval of your site into the Ring.

After you receive your email confirmation of Queue placement with your Site ID number and Password, you will need to COPY and PASTE the HTML fragment code that will be included in the email. This code will place the logo as seen at the bottom of this page onto your web site. You must have this logo placed on your website before the webmistress will add you to the Web Ring. Please make sure you are placing the logo on the exact same site you submitted when you signed up. I have had several members place the logo on their links page. Remember the page where you place the logo is the same page that people will be visiting. I don't know about you but I certainly would not want to travel from link page to link page.

Okay. You've applied to Ring; you've received your email confirmation with Site ID Code and Password. Now, what? You need to follow the instructions below to insure that your HTML email code will work properly. Remember if you have any problems at all feel free to email the webmistress.

  1. The HTML code included in your email should have converted all of your information into the correct slots. But just in case please double check by reading the following information. Your Site ID Code should have been entered into the areas of the email HTML code that reads ID= For example, if your email said your Site ID number is 5, make sure a 5 has been entered into each of the places where you see ID=.
  2. Your email address should be entered in the area of the Table Form code that reads owned by.
  3. Finally, your website address should be entered into the area of the Table Form code that reads this site. You can check these on the email and make any changes you need to BEFORE copying and pasting onto your website.

    Please, note that you need to have your Table Form Code in place and complete with your Site ID, email, etc. for the initial review. Please make sure you follow these directions as we cannot add you until all of this is correct. It really is very simple and doesn't take long at all. Finally, please make sure you understand that the site address you list below is the address the Logo will need to be placed on. In other words if you want to place the logo on your links page and not your opening page then the links page address is the one you need to use in the form below. We look forward to having you join the Birdhouses WebRing. :o) Becky

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This Birdhouses site is owned by Becky. Would you like to join the BirdhousesWebRing? Any questions feel free to email the webmistress:

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