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South West Snail Supply

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Welcome to the intriguing world of Snail Farming for the purpose of Escargot..

Prop:- Pam & Mick Jeffery


Welcome to my home page and I hope that you will enjoy your visit here.

As the name suggests, the Snail farm is in the South West of Western Australia, just outside the small dairying town of Brunswick Junction, roughly 160 klms ( 100 miles ) south of Perth.

The "FARM" is actually a couple of large shadehouses, that were built specifically for the purpose of raising snails.

These shadehouses are under the constant surveillance of my Vermin Control Patrol - 2 cats - to protect the stock from the marauding mice, frogs, and lizards which treat the place as a fast food takeaway if the opportunity arises.

Inside, the houses are divided into individual pens where the snails are divided up according to age, size and breed. Unfortunately, the snails don't appreciate being confined to a small pen when they could have the whole shade house to roam in.

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Please Note :- Due to ill health I am no longer operating this snail farm. I would like to thank you for visiting this page. Any enquires may be sent to

Rosemary Madacsi

Delana Snails

Please feel free to E Mail her with any enquires..