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South West Snail Supply


So...... You want to be a snail farmer. Well, no. Actually I wanted a coffee shop. A nice, quiet little coffee shop,with white lace table cloths on polished wooden tables, where genteel folk, preferably the elderly, could partake of a leisurely morning or afternoon tea, served on pretty china. Flowers on the tables, everything gleaming, with maybe an open wooden fire in winter.

A lovely dream, but........! We are too far out of town for the casual shopper to drop in, we are not enroute to any tourist attraction and there is no elderly peoples retirement village within cooee, so another pipe dream bites the dust!

I had read about snail farming some time ago and the idea stayed there, niggling away in the back of my mind, but we had a trucking business at the time, so it had no relevance then. However, about 5 years ago we found ourselves suddenly jobless, after 40 years of continuous employment, so after considering our options, decided to pack up and take to the road for a year or 2 --- become modern day swaggies --- and endevour to find work wherever we could. In the event that we couldn't find suitable employment, we decided to treat the time as a holiday, keep heading north to Darwin, go climbing in Kakadu, head down the Centre to visit our daughter in Port Augusta, spend more time in the glorious Flinders Range and then meander back home again.

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