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QS Card Wizard


Unfortunately, due to a flaw in the QS's firmware that prevented QCW from working correctly, and because I was asked to do so by Alesis, who feel their copyrights are infringed here, I have discontinued work on this program and also removed the binaries from this page.

Sorry for any unjustified hopes I might have caused.

Best regards,
Red Fox

QS Card Wizard is a tool for users of Alesis' QS line of synthesizers. It allows for easy creation of backups of custom FlashRAM cards, storing their contents in standard SysEx format. This way, you can easily create multiple copies of your cards without having to use Sound Bridge all the time.

QS Card Wizard is NOT intended to be used for pirating Alesis' QCards.

Doing so is illegal and might be prosecuted.

As of now, QS Card Wizard is still in the process of being alpha-tested. Feel free to download and use the alpha version, and send any comments or error reports to Red Fox Software.

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Download the latest public release of QS Card Wizard

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