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New Version 1.5 uploaded (09-27-99)!
See the screenshots!

MIDIUtil is a small utility that let's you monitor incoming MIDI data on one input port of your choice, and works equally well with short MIDI messages as with SysEx messages. It can also send out both types of MIDI data to one output port. MIDIUtil is very useful for testing and reverse-engineering a MIDI device's SysEx implementation and other MIDI capabilities.

As of now, MIDIUtil is still far from being a complete or even slightly user-friendly program, but yet quite capable of doing what it's supposed to do. Feel free to download and use it, and send any comments or error reports to Red Fox Software.

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Get some more information about MIDIUtil



See some screenshots of MIDIUtil in action



Download the latest public release of MIDIUtil

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