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"If Pimping Is Wrong, May God Forgive Me!" - Nicky Mack, The Pimp
"I'm A Pimp By Blood, Not Relation!" - The Notorious B.I.G
"The World Is But A Whore, And I'm Its Pimp!" - Angel Gonzales
Nicky Mack, The Pimp
(The Origin Of The Man)

First off, let's go about this like we have some class. I'm called Nicky Mack, The Pimp. I'm young, articulate, and blessed with a superior IQ like all real pimps. I'm a third generation pimp, my father taught me the pimping game because his father taught it to him. You can only imagine the kind of childhood I had. My father used to sit me down and show me the ins and outs of the pimp lifestyle, especially how to deal with people. Being what I am, it was mainly women. All my father's women love me, "Baby Nicky" is what they affectionately call me to this day. My father was a good father, but instead of taking me to little league and other children activities, I was in pool halls, night clubs, and whore houses. I guess you can call those my "playing" fields. I can remember this little gem of wisdom my father would tell me when I would feel down. He would say, "keep your head up, you're a MACK, later on you will be a PIMP!" His words spoke the truth, I am a MACK and I am a PIMP. Take heed though, I'm not your stereotypical pimp, the polyester wearing, feather in the cap, cadillac driving pimp that you may or may not like. No, I'm the new generation of pimps. I'm Nicky Mack, college graduate, Summa Cum Laude. I don't need to be a pimp, I have to. I've experienced the good and bad times of this lifestyle. I've ran the gauntlet of emotions and experiences. I've witnessed good men and women go bad and good men and women die. That's just a small part of the darkside of this lifestyle. I can't down the pimping life because that's what made me. Sad to say, these days people are claiming to be a pimp and scared to death to use their real name. Majority of them haven't paid any dues in the pimping game. To sum it up, they haven't pimp jack, since jack pimped them. I earned my stripes and my name, Nicky Mack, The Pimp! From what I have just stated you can conclude that I was born into this game. I didn't ask to be like this. However, I am what I am, a pimp. I couldn't walk away from this lifestyle even if I wanted to. I'm not saying I'm a trick baby or that my mother(r.i.p.) was a whore because she wasn't. My mother(r.i.p.) was the only woman my father truly loved next to his mother(r.i.p.) of course. My father told me and showed me he loved my mother(r.i.p.). From one pimp to another, I believe him. Here I am rambling about myself when I was once told that webpages are suppose to be fun. It's okay I guess, because I have a big heart and a bigger mind.

You will never see me doing this because a pimp's stallion always brings him his pay.

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