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Shortly after this postage stamp was issued , (showing M3 & MC meter) the Queen was presented with a chrome M6 which was checked here before despatch to the Palace.

Click on *M6 picture * to enlarge.

Our sincere apologies to all who have not received a reply to their emails - Please contact me via SMS

Exact match VULCANITE body-shell recovering for Leica M ,I,II,III A/B/C/F. This covering is totally identical to original vulcanite . Third camming of 2 cam R lenses UK 45 . Replacement film spools (screwthread)also available UK 29.50 .

1 Hour Video showing stripdown and re-build of Leica IIIf . Filmed over 2 days , this video is available on CD ROM at UK 9.80 + 1.20 P&P *Also LEICA M5 UN-covered*!

CD ROM's can be played on some DVD players or PC MS Media Player.** Visit LEICA SOLMS on CD rom with Leica IIIa s/speed & Summicron R50 Iris diaphragm service also on CD at 9.80 + P&P **

Please forward a cheque for 11 made payable to 'CRR'. Delivery should be within 7 days

PLEASE NOTE : No servicing work or repairs can be accepted till PLEASE SEE TOP OF PAGE . SMS or call to check beforehand . , - .Our apologies if you have not had a reply to your email . , please see note at bottom of page .

Trust your Leica repairs to a Solms/Wetzlar trained technician with the necessary tools to dismantle and service your Leica , be it a 1930's II or III or a Leica M series camera. Is it difficult to use the rangefinder on your Leica III , is the second image dim or hardly visible ? Then have the beam-spltter or prism replaced to give a new lease of life and return the camera to it's original optical excellence . Do you have an M2 ,M3 or M4 with the viewfinder 'blacked out' and do not wish  to pay 850 or more to replace the rangefinder ? We can resilver the prism and restore the viewfinder to good condition for a fraction of the cost of a new rangefinder . (The factory can only supply M6J rangefinders at 850 as a replacement for M3).We do NOT charge VAT which means that you save 20 % on the repair cost straightaway .  Guarantees are for six months starting fourteen days after the invoice date. . Please note that Leica R , CL , M5 and Leicaflex are NO LONGER SUPPORTED .New shutter blinds , , body-shell EM VULCANITE re-covering (exact match) , , . Refinishing of M and LTM cameras is available in black , grey or olive green enamel.Please note that this service may take 12/24 months . We do not repair Leica Compact or digital cameras , Leicina or Pradovit , but we will   undertake the repair of Leica copies , ie. Kwanon , Nikon , Reid etc..

Please avoid sending items via UPS or TNT as we have had problems with these couriers. FEDEX & UPS charge $30 to $50 to process any package & TNT charge you VAT plus Duty plus the processing fee .DHL are the only company that do not charge for completing the customs documents

RF2.JPG (13574 bytes)
Screwthread RF beam-splitter
replacement , restores RF image brightness and contrast

REWIND2.JPG (13986 bytes)
A general service will
restore the smooth operation of all camera functions  and lengthen the life of the cameras  mechanical components.

RANGE1.JPG (13334 bytes)
Cleaning and adjustment
ensures that shutter speeds and rangefinder are calibrated to give optimal performance


IMPORTANT : We will not be taking any repairs till PLEASE SEE TOP OF PAGE , APOLOGIES IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED A REPLY TO YOUR EMAIL/S - sorry. : Please Note : WE HAVE STOPPED THE SERVICING AND REPAIRS OF Leica CL , Leica M5 , and Leica R4/5/6/7/8/9 . This is due , mainly , to unavailabilty of spares for these models . We no longer offer the repolishing & coating of lenses as a service. This is due to unforeseen circumstances.

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