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Camera Repairs & Restoration ( CRR Luton ) Leica specialist repairs & servicing

Due to the lack of available spares for the older Leica screwthread cameras , we have had to manufacture our own take-up spools for these models and below is the very small scale production technique we use to stamp out the parts and assemble a fascimilie film take-up spool that will replace your lost or missing accessory .

All parts are manufactured from brass and aluminium and are finished in black stove enamel and are suitable for Leica & Reid.

Tools , dies and stamping equipment used to manufacture a replacement film spool for Leica LTM

The brass plate is first set-out with 40 punched marks so that a 1/8 inch hole can be drilled to centre the punch and die , to cut out the middle of the top and bottom of the spool . Once the centre hole has been punched-out, ( see brass plate at top with one disc uncut ) the outer circumference can be stamped out. The larger punch ( with conical centre ) to the left of the photograph is used to stamp out the top and bottom discs ( shown in centre ) in conjunction with a die and the moly-nylon jig to the left of the photograph .

An aluminium bush is lathe turned and the end knurled with a knurling tool to provide a surface to grip when removing the spool from the camera. This is fitted after the spool has been enamelled . ( see centre of picture )

The brass tubing is cut to length for each spool and a 0.7mm rebate turned on each end . A shorter piece of tubing is drilled in four places then cut in half to produce the film leader retaining spring. The same jig is used to drill the spool tube and the spring clip is rivetted to the spool tube before the end discs are fitted. Once the clip is rivetted to the centre tube , the top and bottom of the spool are fitted and the ends swaged over , both ends at the same time .

Assembled spools ( without bottom bush ) before enamelling .

The finished spool is cleaned by a quick dip in hydrochloric acid , and then stove enamelled . The aluminium , knurled bush , is pressed into the base of the spool to complete the operation .

Although this is a very simple component it is only possible , with the above, hand-made method , to complete four spools in one day , with one person doing all the work . Large scale production in a factory would reduce the individual cost per spool but a minimum of 2000 units would have to be made to bring the price down . The unit cost to a customer would be have to be higher with a factory produced spool to recoup the initial outlay, as an estimated price to produce a minmium of 2000 units was quoted to me at approximately UK 11, 500 ( US $ 20,000 ) , the assembly time being the most expensive cost.

As the demand for this spool is relatively low , we only make these in small batches , and there may be times when we are out of stock. If this is the case there is may be up to an eight week wait while your spool is manufactured . We apologise for this but it is the only way we can afford to produce this replacement part .


Replacement spool for Leica LTM and Reid 35mm cameras. UK 29.50 ( US $ 55 ) + P&P



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