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Quann Family Military History

The 4 Brothers recorded Service.
Quann Family recorded svc to date.
Ever's Poem
Juno Beach Memorial Center
The Books of rememberance
Dads song - The Miner's Prayer
Canadian Honours Chart
The Legion Magazine

<h1> Quann Family Military History

First Generation in the Military
Killed in Action WW 1
1897 - 1917

Neil Alexander McDonald, ( my mother's uncle) was killed in action during WW1,
he served with the 73rd Canadian Infantry Batallion. The 73rd Battalion served in
France with the 12th Infantry Brigade, 4th Canadian Division. The story of the 73rd
is unique, as one of only a few battalions that suffered such great losses that it had
to be withdrawn from service (April 1917).

To see his name entered in the WW I Book of Rememberance (bottom of left column)

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His information from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission
can be viewed at

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To see his Regimental Information in the Canadian Great War Project database

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To see his enrolement documentation Page 1

"World War I and II"

1898 - 1976

Granddad, John Joseph Quann Sr served in both WW I and WW II.
He entered the 1st WW as a foot soldier and made it to England,
but it was decided that he was too young to fight and he was
shipped back to Canada. Then came the 2nd WW, and away he went
again, enlisting as an engineer. Once again Granddad was shipped
off to England, and this time it was decided that he was too old
to go to war, and again he was shipped back to Canada. Two wars,
too young for one, too old for the other, Granddad never did get
to see any action. A blessing in disguise I guess.

First Generation in the Military,
"On The Home Front"

Because he lost an eye in a mining accident when kicked in the head
by a horse Great Uncle Michael Quann, (Uncle Mick), was not allowed to
enlist in the Regular Force. However, determined to do his part he
enlisted in the "Cape Breton Highlanders" where he instructed on
First Aid to the Men deploying overseas.
To see another photo of him and read a bit of history on his unit
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Second Generation in the Military,
"World War II"

1922 - 1995

Uncle Francis and Dad, John Joseph Quann Jr, and Grandad
All three pictures taken at an R & R break in England during WWII.

Dad served with the Royal Canadian Artillery as
a "Gunner". He enlisted on 12 Jul 1940 and served in Canada,
the UK and Continental Europe.
Dad was discharged under RO #1029(501).
To see his release documentation press here
He recieved the fol medals:
(To link to a descripton and view of the medals
press on the name of the medal)
The 1939 - 1945 Star;
The France Germany Star;
The Defence Medal;
The Canadain Volunteer Service Medal and Clasp;
The War Medal 1939-1945; and
The Queen's Jubilee

Dad's Legion Medals are:
60th Anniversary Medal
Service Medal for Past President
Service Medal for Past Officer, Secretary and 1st Vice President
Service Medal for Past Zone Commander and
Meritorious Service Medal with Palm Leaf

To see his name entered in the Legion Magazine's Last Post Click Here

To read a poem he wrote in Europe during the War Press Here
To read the song he wrote press here "The Miners Prayer"

To play the song Press here A Coal Miners Prayer

Dad was released on January 11, 1946.
To see two other photo's of Dad in Uniform Press Here
On Dec 25th, 2003, we, the sons and daughter,
presented Mom with a display case containing
Dad's medals, Legion crest, a replica of the
Juno Beach Memorial Center Brick we purchased
and other memorabilia. To see a picture of the case,
Press Here!

Killed in Action WW II

1924 - 1944

Unfortunately, Uncle Francis, a member of The Sherbrooke Fusiliers,
never came back from the war.
He was killed in action Aug 08, 1944 in France.
To see his name entered in the WWII Book of Rememberance

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To search his name, or any other, (enter Quann, F, Canada) in the
Commonwealth War Graves Commission go to search the register:

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To see his information entered in the Grave Location
and pictures of his Grave in France and a picture of his Troop

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To visit the Sherbrooke Fusiliers Home Page Press Here

Ms Edie Quann

Aunt Edie served in the Dental Corps from 1943 - 1945.
She served her full time here in Canada. She did her
training in Guelph, ON, and then served in Halifax.
Aunt Edie was engaged to a young fella who died on D-day,
she then met Uncle Roy who was a MP and then later remustered
to physical education, PERI.

Second Generation in the Military

Korea & The Cold War!

Uncle Bill (William Quann)(RIP) joined the CAF in Halifax.
He served in the CAF from Aug 1949 until Dec 1981.
He completed his basic training in the Royal Canadian School
of Infantry in Borden ON. On completion of basic he was posted
to 1 RCR in CFB Petawawa in Oct 1949. Uncle Bill served his
country in the following locations:

Halifax NS, Borden ON, Petawawa ON, Korea, Kentville NS, Valcartier QU,
Hanover Germany, London ON, Ipperwash ON, Germany a second time,
London again, Cyprus, London a third time, Cyprus a second time,
and finally London a final time.
After 32 years of dedicated service Uncle Bill and his wonderful wife Teresa,
retired from 1 RCR in London, and Teresa resides there today.
It should be no surprise that Uncle Bill's daughter Maureen
also joined the Military. To read on her and her husband
(also in the Military)
Press Here
Uncle Bill received the fol Medals:

Canadian Korea Medal
United Nations Service Medal (Korea)
United Nations Cyprus (X 2)
Special Service Medal (Europe X 2)
Canadian Forces Decoration (CD II)

Uncle Mick (Michael Quann) also served a full career in the CAF.
He served from Feb 1954 until Aug 1980.
He completed his basic training in St Jean PQ, and was then
posted to CFB Borden where he was trained as an Air Frame Tech.
Uncle Mick served his country in the following locations:
St Jean, PQ; Borden ON; Greenwood, NS; Marville, France;
Rockcliffe, ON; Rivers, Manitoba; Uplands(Ottawa) ON;
and finally Trenton, ON. During his stay in Marville,
France, he was a member of the Canadian team that won
the Nato International Air Shoot Competition.
After 26 years of service they decided they were not moving again and
Mick and his wonderful wife, Mary, retired from the Air Force
in Trenton ON, and reside there today.

Uncle Mick recieved the following medals:

Canadian Forces Decoration (CD I)
Special Service Medal (NATO)

Third Generation in the Military
Peace Keepers

Click on the underlined names to see where they have served

Ken, Jamie, Gary, and Bob.
The four boys celebrated 100 years
of service between them on 13 April 1999.
All four were still serving at this time.
To view the table used to calculate time served Press here
Ken's wife, Rose also served for 20 + years.
To read on her career Press here

The Boys with Mom and Sister Judi.

My fathers sister, Gen Leblanc, has a son who joined
the Air Force in 1981 as an Aviation Tech. To read on his career click here

My Uncle Lawrence and Aunt Phoebe's son Derrick also joined the forces in 1981.
To read where he has been posted click here.

Fourth generation In the Military
Peace Makers
In the Military, just released from the Military,
and dreaming of being in the Military

Here is my sister Judi's son Jason in Bosnia with the RCD.
He returned from there in Mar of 1999, and took his
release from the forces, he returned to civilian life in May of 1999.
He has since moved to London Ontario. Good Luck Jason!
Back down home from London, Jason again joined the
Reserves serving with 33 Svc Bn, mostly on call
out as an MSE Op with Base
Transport in Halifax. He has rejoined the Regular Force, and
as of 1 Oct 2001 is on active duty again, posted with 3
ASG in CFB Gagetown. He served his time with with the RCD,
CFB Petawawa, ON. You can contact Jason via email at Drop him a line.

This photo is of Dwayne Quann, my brother Ken's son.
He served from 24 Jul 1990 until 21 Oct 1998.
He is living in Edmonton, Alberta. Good Luck Dwayne!

This photo is of my brother Bob's Daughter Krista,
taken off the coast of Guam on EXERCISE TANDUM THRUST 2001.
I think she looks ready to do battle with her 2 cousins above, eh?
Krista joined the Naval Reserve in 1998, and transferred to
the Regular Force in Mar 1999. She is presently posted to
HMCS Vancouver. Here is a picture of her with The Minister of
National Defense, pleading for a raise no doubt.
The latest addition is Krista receiving her PO2s, congrats Krista.

To visit Vancouver's Home page Click here

This photo is of Andrew, my brother Jamie's son,
To visit Andrew's page
Press here
Click Here

This photo is of Mitchell, my sister in law's son (Leah/Jamie),
Cpl Cameron. Mitch joined the Canadian Forces in October 2010
as an infantry reservist with the Princess Louise Fusiliers unit
based out of the Halifax Armories.
He received his promotion to Cpl in December 2012.
Mitchell transferred to the reg force as a Traffic Tech
in July 2014 and completed his trades training in March 2015.
He is currently posted to 2 AMS in CFB Trenton.
To visit 2 AMS's Web Site Click Here


Here are my pride and joy,
Darrell Francis and Vincent Paul

Darrell has decided to serve in a different way and is
currently serving as a Calgary City Police Officer.
To see a picture of Darrell in his uniform click here
email: Gary