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They call him Christ, Maitreya, Mahdi, Saoshyant, Kalki Avatar, Kukulcan and more... Does this person exist? Well, there is a likely candidate among us. He goes by the name of Sathya Sai Baba. What are his credentials?

This person has reportedly:

Raised the dead at least twice, including a decomposing corpse.

Cured thousands of people of their diseases, many terminal.

Fed hundreds of people from one small pail of food.

Changed the weather with a wave of his hand, including stopping a thunderstorm and instantly drying everything.

Materialized out of thin air with a wave of his hand everything from enormously precious gems to hot food and liquids, and even live animals.

Told people about things they were doing in utmost privacy during their life, including what they were thinking at the time.

Changed his appearance into a variety of forms or persons, for example, Jesus, he wants you to see.

Appeared anywhere in the world instantly and in more than one place at the same time.

Changed one substance into another, such as granite to candy and water to gasoline.

Materialized himself instantly to rescue or save people from harm.

Talked to people in whatever language they speak, including obscure tribal dialects.

Done miracles anywhere in the world without being physically present. Holy ash and nectar exude from his pictures around the world.

Has transfigured himself into a glowing ball of light.

Foretold the future on numerous ocassions.

Appeared in people's dreams without their ever having heard of him.

Teleported objects, including people, instantly anywhere in the world.

What does Sai Baba teach?

The exact same message that every great holy person has given, that God is love, that we should love eachother unconditionally.

That we should develop the attributes of sterling character.

That God is in all things, including each of us. We are divine beings in human form. We should treat eachother as divine by seeing God in all of us.

That to serve God we should serve eachother without expecting any gratitude or benefit.

That we have free-will, but we should regard God as the doer and dedicate our work to God.

That we should not desire outcomes for our work and activities, but surrender it to God.

That we should take life with equanimity and realize that we create our own karma over many incarnations.

That God's grace can lessen and even remove our karmic burden.

That the world is an illusion, sort of a stage play we act in, and only the divine is real.

That we should dedicate ourselves to spiritual practices, such as meditation, reciting the name of God, giving service to others.

That God loves us beyond our ability to even imagine.

That our goal is to return once again to God from whence we came, and that we should strive to liberate ourselves from the karmic cycle of rebirths.

Who does he say he is?

A direct and full incarnation of God.

The "Messiah" that every religion has been waiting for.

The being who has come to usher in a golden age for mankind that will be so beautiful that our imagination can't conceive of it.

Is he founding a new religion?

He says he did not incarnate to found a new religion or to collect followers, but to show us the path of love.

He says we don't have to be a follower of his. But we should be a better Christian, Jew, Hindu, Muslim, or whatever religion we follow.

He says that all religions are equally valid paths to God, and that no religion should criticize any other religion.

He says that even if you are an atheist, you believe in God by believing in yourself. Eventually, everyone will know the truth.

Have there been prophecies describing him?

The Prophet Mohammed told his followers that the coming Mahdi (Islamic messiah) would have certain characteristics. They fit Sai Baba exactly, including his appearance and activities.

Nostradamus told of a great man who would make Thursday his holy day. Sai Baba designated Thursday as his holy day when still a child.

Numerous other prophecies point to Sai Baba as the Hindu Kalki Avatar.

What are Sai Baba's activities?

He has founded a fully accredited university that accepts students not only on academic merit, but on their good character. Tuition is free.

He has also founded the largest, most modern, advanced research hospital in the country of India. All procedures are done there, including heart transplants. All services are free.

He has built numerous other schools and clinics around India. All are free.

His organization has adopted over 6,000 villages to provide for the needs of their impoverished people.

He built a water supply system for over 7,000 villages.

He emphasizes the teachings of good values in education and teachers from all over India are trained by his organization to teach those values to their students.

He has refused to accept money from anyone, and won't allow his followers to accept money in his name or on his behalf. All activities are funded by the Sathya Sai Trust, run by the Bank of India.

How does he live?

Very simply. He eats virtually nothing, and wears only a robe. He lives in one room with a table, chair and bed.

He says his life is his message. He spends 24 hours a day in constant service to humanity.

His daily schedule consists of guiding service projects, delivering discourses, and interacting with his devotees.

Who are his followers?

Has been privately visited by several heads of state, some of whom are his followers. These visitors have included everyone from the Prime Ministers and Presidents of India, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Canada, Ireland, Italy, and even Somalia, to the Emperor of Japan.

Has been known of and investigated by the President of the United States, the First Lady, and several cabinet officers.

While Mikhail Gorbachev was still president of the Soviet Union, his wife, Raisa, visited Sai Baba twice. She said her husband was reading books about Sai Baba.

Pope John XXIII was reportedly visited by Sai Baba on several ocassions.

Has a worldwide organization with millions of followers from a multitude of countries and from every religion. They meet in "satsangs", usually on Thursday nights, in the home of a devotee who bears any expenses. Nobody is allowed to ask for money on behalf of his organization.

What about the future?

He is the second of a triple incarnation. The first, Sai Baba of Shirdi, died in 1918 and said he would return in 8 years. The present Sathya Sai Baba was born in 1926 and will live until he is 95 in the year 2020. Soon after that, the third incarnation, Prema Sai Baba, will be born. Sathya Sai will bring in the golden age of peace and love. Prema Sai will preside over it.

In 1997, Sai Baba said that his mission is like an aircraft leaving the airport. First it taxis out to the runway, then it gets permission from the tower to take off, then it accelerates down the runway, and finally, gets airborne. He said that he is now in the stage of accelerating down the runway.

He has always deliberately avoided publicity, but now he says it's time the world knows who he is.

He will start doing more spectacular miracles to gain the world's attention.

DISCLAIMER: This site is in no way affiliated with any official Sai Baba organization.

Someone once said that if life were discovered elsewhere in the universe, it would be the most important event in the history of humanity. There are many organizations investigating that possibility, from conventional astrophysicists conducting SETI, to various organizations studying the UFO phenomena. But if Sai Baba is who he says he is, does what he is reported capable of doing, and will accomplish what he says is his mission, then the importance of this holy man cannot be underestimated. As with the search for life elsewhere in the universe, the search for the spiritual culmination of humanity's journey is no less important. Theologians should study Sai Baba's teachings. Science should study Sai Baba's miracles as a clue to the quantum physics nature of reality. And there should be organizations that investigate and document the phenomena and activities associated with Sai Baba. Regardless of what others should or should not do, I recommend that you do what Sai Baba invites you to do, and that is to investigate him.

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