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As you might imagine, since creating the web page, "Has the Christ Returned?", I've received many E-mails from Christians assuring me that this person is not Jesus, and that I am following a false prophet or worse. Such letters are usually accompanied by the usual quotes from the New Testament regarding the second coming, or from Revelation. I am usually touched by the sincerity of the people who write me and I can assure you that I'm glad that their heart is with Jesus. Even those who send me judgmental, obnoxious E-mails are doing what they believe to be the right thing in their own way.

The reason why the web page is entitled "Has the Christ Returned?" is that the second coming is a familiar frame of reference for the eschatological appearance of a divine being. While Christians may claim exclusivity as the only source of divine truth, that attitude denigrates the genuine spiritual wealth of other religions and the inate longing of all humans, regardless of race or culture, to reach God in their own way. The followers of other religions love God in whatever way they can conceive of, and their truths are not any different than what Christians, in an unfortunate self-righteousness, claim are only theirs. They regard their doctrine as true, and usually cite their holy scriptures as proof. However, except for the institutional semitic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, none of the other religions claim that they and only they are connected to God. For those religions, Hinduism, Taoism, and Buddhism, see God as universal, and the notion that only one religion can be true is an insult to the majesty and infinite power of the divine. To them, it is inconceivable that God would not provide every people, culture, and time with a divine teacher, and it seems ludicrous to permit God only one son. Is God limited by the Christian concept of him? Is God limited by what is written in a book about him? But not only do these religions see God as infinite intelligence and infinite energy that is within everyone, so do the mystics of the semitic religions. Theirs is the goal of finding that divinity within themselves and within everyone else.

To a large degree, all of the major religions are historically interconnected and influenced by one another. One common belief is that a divine being will appear who will eliminate evil and usher in a golden age of peace and love. The term "Christos" is Greek for "annointed", and is a title describing Jesus. It's not his name. The idea of being annointed by God can be taken as being trusted for a mission, or chosen as a representative. It can also mean, perhaps, being in that state of "Christ" consciousness that mystics describe as in the presence of God. So any person who is annointed is a Christ. In a certain sense, then, every major religion is expecting the Christ to return.

When Jesus performed his miracles, his Jewish detractors, who could not conceive of their truth as being anything less than perfect (it was written in a book, and therefore had to be true), accused him of being demon possessed. Jesus responded with his famous quote about a house being divided against itself being unable to stand. Of course, if he did the works of God, then how could he be against God? And he also said, when asked how to identify a false prophet, you can know them by the fruits of their actions. So in judging any person who claims to be a Christ or prophet, what fruits would you look for? Would a false prophet constantly preach that you should love God and love your fellow man? Would a false prophet tell you to be a better Christian? Would a false prophet celebrate the birthday of Jesus and expound on the truths of what Jesus said? How about doing good works and enjoining us to serve eachother with love? How about telling us that God is love and that we should fill the day with love? Is that being a false prophet? Sai Baba says and does all those things.

My mother was in a hospital in California awaiting a biopsy on her lungs. Fearing lung cancer, she was terrified. I, who live in Virginia, prayed to Sai Baba for his help in comforting her. About two hours later, she phoned me, semi-hysterical, saying that Sai Baba had materialized himself, in the flesh, in her hospital room, took her by the shoulders and set her on the bed. He then stared into her eyes for a while, then let go and dematerialized. Being a Christian, she assumed he must be the devil come to get her. I assured her that he is not evil, but she was frightened anyway. Sai Baba kept coming to her in visions after that, and she kept yelling at him to go away. So he stopped coming. Eventually, my brother and I convinced her that anyone who preaches love for God is not likely to be satanic, so she said, "OK, Sai Baba, if you love God, I have to love you too." She said he materialized himself again and gave her the sweetest smile she ever saw. Soon thereafter, she laid down on her bed and went out of her body where she experienced the most intense rapture or ecstacy that she could imagine. After returning, she got up and noticed that the house smelled like jasmine, which is Sai Baba's way of indicating his presence.

Likewise, my brother was awakened in the middle of the night by a voice saying to him, "God is ..., God is...." and so forth. He was too groggy to remember what God was supposed to be, but eventually, the voice said, "God is all. God is all. God is all" over and over again. He said that at that point, he went into a state of divine bliss that was so intense, it was like a "thousand orgasms" all at once, except centered in the heart. He said the ecstacy was so great, he couldn't take it, so he begged Sai Baba to stop it. And so it did.

In both cases, my mother and my brother indicated that the love that was being showered on them was unbelievable. It was pure love of such intensity that no human being can stand it. I've heard that from other people who have been in Sai Baba's presence. The love that eminates from him completely undoes them and reduces them to tears. It's totally unconditional and unjudgmental. Is that the work of a false prophet? Can the devil give divine love?

I have no desire to change the beliefs of Christians, although I'm sorry I can't say the reverse is true. I have no desire to tell Christians that they really ought to study the history of their religion before assuming that everything in the Bible is literally true. One's belief system is a reflection of one's psychological needs, not the ultimate truth. I only have a desire to share my beliefs and my knowledge in the hopes that it may lead those who need and want it into a closer relationship with God in whatever form they conceive of the All. We're all pilgrims looking for truth and love. And I know that God will lead us all to the experience of those divine qualities. To put your faith in a book and an institution is not what Jesus taught. The Pharasees were constantly accusing Jesus of breaking the law of Moses, and in their literal interpretation of legalities, they missed the point of what religion is, the path to spirituality. Religion is given to us by our culture and our family. Spirituality is something we have to find within ourselves. And spirituality, if genuine, flows from a well of pure love. That's why Jesus said it isn't what goes into your mouth that defiles you, it's what comes out. What you say, how you act, is the reflection of the love in your heart. Judgmentalism is not love. Real love is a sense of wholeness and unity. Judgmentalism is a sense of separateness and arrogant isolation. Jesus taught the radical truth that God is within you and it's your duty to discover that in your heart. That's where faith belongs, in the infinite love that lives in our self, not in a book. Wouldn't it be better if Christians sent me love rather than condemnations? Wouldn't it be more loving to send prayers that I be guided, rather than quotes from the Bible, as if they were self-evident truths? Wouldn't the way to an open heart be an open mind, rather than a smug, arrogant, self-righteousness mind that's closed to other possibilities of receiving divine love? To those who do have love in your hearts, my heart is with yours. For those who operate out of fear and suspicion, I know that some day your hearts too will be filled with love. It's your very nature.

Thank you for your patience in reading this. I sincerely pray that God blesses you with abundant grace and fills your life with love, peace, and joy.

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