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Construction Pathology

Hosted by A. Sebastian Engineering and Investigation Services

Table Of Content

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Construction Pathology
Choices: When You Have To Part With Your Money...
Construction Consultants
A series of pages and resources on masonry starts here:
Masonry resources and annotated bibliography, masonry organizations, masonry considerations, masonry inspection (not yet operational), and a few thoughts on masonry cracking
Construction Pathology: Wood Failures: Dry Rot, Preservatives:This file is temporarily lost. There is something to be said about backing up one's files...
Construction deterioration article
Construction Pathology/Forensic Science: Bits and Pieces. This file is also lost for now (it went down with the server).
Stainless steels
Who Are We? A Summary Presentation
Contacting Us:
Some Favorite Links
Things To Ponder At...: Local Disasters, Validation for manufactured materials and equipment, Affirmative action, etc.
Building Pathology Glossary
Construction deterioration & building durability glossary
Bits and pieces