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Construction deterioration & building durability glossary

Article & glossary hosted by A. Sebastian Engineering and Investigation Services

1. The procedure of stacking brick in a kiln or on a kiln car.
2. Laying brick with the bottom edge set in from the plane surface of the wall.

A paved surface that connects an aircraft parking apron or taxiway with a hangar. It is generally equipped with tie- downs and grounding devices. For inventory purposes, only the prepared surface is included.

Nearly vitrified clay products which have been fired at high temperatures. They have relatively low absorptions and high compressive strengths.

The vertical mortar joint between ends of masonry units. Often called cross joint.

A masonry unit which overlaps two or more adjacent wythes of masonry to tie them together. Often called bonder. 1. Blind Header: A concealed brick header in the interior of a wall, not showing on the faces. 2. Clipped Header: A bat placed to look like a header for purposes of establishing a pattern. Also called a false header. 3. Flare Header: A header of darker color than the field of the wall.

A continuous bonding course of header brick. Also called header course.

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