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All my soaps have no detergents/sulfactants/sulfates and are hypo-allergenic.

They are made from purified water, Sodium hydroxide, glycerine, coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, primrose oil, vitamin E, & Fragrance oil.

Round massage Bar: 3-3.5 Oz. $2.99

Octagon Massage Bar: 3-3.5 Oz. $2.99

Rectangle Massage Bar: 4 Oz. $2.99

Cowboy Hat: 1 Oz. $0.95

Hummingbird: 3-3.5 Oz $3.99

Butterfly: 3-3.5 Oz $3.99

Rectangle Flora: 3 Oz$2.99

Bunny Rabbit: 3 Oz$2.99

Daisy: 3-3.5 Oz$2.99

Oval Seahorse: 4.5-5 Oz$4.50

Dragonfly: 4 Oz$3.99

Crystal Hearts: 2 Oz$1.75

These are perfect for Wedding or Bridal shower favors. If these are what you have in mind please email me for a wholesale price.

3D Frog: 3-4 Oz$3.99