-April 27, 2004-The exorcist in 30 seconds reenacted by bunnies.

-April 17, 2004- Those Japanese, they do crazy things... like make eel ice cream; other offences.

                            - And now a person who has too much time on his hands and a plethora of talent.
                                Pencil carvings.

                            - I know I'm always pimping the joys of, but their article on Mcdonalds is
                                truly and exceptional example of why I love that website. Go read, the maggots will
                                turn your stomach.

-April 11, 2004- Are you depressed? try  Proloxil!

-April 9, 2004- Happy Easter everybody, and now an homage to the worst candy ever invented...The Marshmellow

-March 29, 2004-So I've got some of Droool's pics up in the travel section. Check those out. He's had quite the
                            adventure so far. Now I'm tired and not gonna update or do anything for a while. I've got one
                            of those colds that just levelled me.
                           - Right I needed to mention this. Bleeding Rose has moved their store front. They now have a bigger
                                floorspace, an excellent dungeog, a great loft, and plenty of play party space. I am sooo happy
                                for them. And also the fact that their sponsors are big on the added visibility! Yay for all them.


-March 28, 2004- So just how left or right wing are you? Pretty good test. I scored more libertatian that
                             Ghandi. Yay anarchism! :) My score: economic left/right: -7.12 social libertarian/authoritarian:
I will admit there's a couple of flawed questions, but on the whole it's a close to
                                accurate test.

                            -Just got a cd from the droool man, so pics of the trip to be posted in the travel section soon.
                                Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (I'm all giggle jumpy.) I like the skinny dippin' pics from Loch Ness
                                the most. HIL-arious.

-March 25, 2004- Happy Birthday Lori!!!!

                            -New pics are on the bar page.. check 'em out. Margo's a good photographer.

                            -Last night had to be one of the most perfect nights I've had in a while. Goth sushi, followed
                                by a beach party. It was cool, when we got down to the beach it was as though everything
                                was set up there waiting for us to show up, all of these perfectly placed rocks and logs, it
                                almost never happens. The wind was cold, but the fire was good and hot, and the
                                despite the pissing rain all day, it didn't even sprinkle on us. At 4 am we headed back
                                to the apartment and had chocolate hagendaz with strawberries. I'm filled with love and
                                appreciation for my friends. And if Taber is reading this: "You didn't get away with it, next
                                time you gotta sing the first song!!!" and now my room stinks like glue and woodsmoke.
                                good times, good times.

-March 24, 2004- I just saw two really good movies this week: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,
                             and Butterfly Effect. Both dealt with issues to do with love, frustration and loss. I
                             guess the lesson I'm supposed to take away from this is that if you love something,
                             sometimes the best thing you can do for it is to just let it go. Gah, that did sound as
                            cheezy as I thought.

-March 20, 2004- Fear the arrival of the HEINEKEN ALIENS!!! Mmmmm beer probe.

-March 18, 2004- It's stories like this that really make me appreciate the world I live in.
                             The mysterious "Pink Woman" of Malibu

-March 17, 2004- From the Onion: At what point on St. Patrick's day did we pass out?
                                19% 5 seconds into the river dancing.
                                21% Just as we were getting the stop sign out of the ground.
                                17% After ordering a round for the bar, before paying.
                                20% When Cardinal Egan delivered third roundhouse to the head
                                23% Around 6 p.m., again at 11:55 p.m.

-March 15, 2004- "Gozer the Gozerian! Good evening! As a duly designated representative of the state,
                            county and city of New York, I order you to cease any and all supernatural activity and
                            return forthwith to your place of origin or to the nearest convenient parallel dimension!"
                            Well, It's in Florida, not New York... but this story is TOO funny to pass up...
                            Town ponders success of satan ban

-March 13, 2004- It's scary what we'll watch when we're not watching what we watch.
                            Adbusters latest ad on the zen of watching television...

-March 10, 2004-Happy Birthday Robyn  

-March 7, 2004- So I've come across this bit of flash, not bad. It proves that type tutor really can be a fun game...
                            click "loser" in the end.
Butter-da is noh hush a bush push leopold.

-March 6, 2004- And now for some office friendly porno....

-March 1, 2004- So I've been inattentive to this site, but with reason. The Droool man has left and gone off to
                            see the world. You can keep track of all of his wheelings and dealings on his blog.

                        - I gots myself a new tattoo. It's the best. I can't wait to save up for getting more. Ink is such a terribly
                            expensive addiction.

                         - Oh, and I finally got employed. Yes, I am a full fledged cashier. What makes me happy about this
                            job is not just the snappy tie I get to wear, but the fact that I don't have to clean a single toilet on
                            any of my shifts. Yay.

                           - Fuego!

-Feb 2, 2004- Happy Groundhog abuse day!!!!

                    -Cybersex gone HORRIBLY wrong. too funny. "I put on my robe and wizzard hat!"

-January 26, 2004- So I just got back from a huge fashion show in Vancouver. Onstage everything went so quickly
                                I didn't have too much time for stage fright. The costumes were cool, and I got applause when
                                I came onstage in one of them (whee, eggo boost!). I wish I could have stayed for two nights, but
                                I think one night was good, or I would have probably had a heart attack from the excitement.
                                 Suffice it to say, I had a great weekend. And yes, pics to come.


-January 15, 2004- Hmm, lessee here, There's a question in the g/b about the quotes on the bio page. Those quotes
                                in red are actually from Jhonen Vasquez's Bad Art Collection (not recomended for sensitive
                                readers). The last page of the comic has a "get to know the actors in this comic" bio page that
                                I felt fit in with my own bio page, so I ruefully did steal his quotes in the hopes of adding a little
                                bit more funny to the page. I placed the quotes in order of the bios respectively, and did not mean
                                to imply anything about any of my friends because of the quote they ended up with. I'm actually
                                thinking it's time to take them down, as it was sort of a one time idea that I thought might be
                                amusing, but by no means permanent. Maybe I'll be lazy and leave them up a little longer...

                             - I've been going on about the TardBlog to everyone, so perhaps I should finally link to it, huh?
                                Just a warning, this site may seem very unPC to those who are easilly offended. There's lots of
                                swearing and use of words like "tard," but it is kept up by two special education teachers who
                                use these terms affectionately, and their stories of what goes on in these classrooms are just amazing.
                                It takes a very specific kind of person to be able to teach classes like these, and these two women
                                are excellent examples of what it takes. Espescially Riti Sped, that chick's hard core!

-January 11, 2004- A new year, so lets start off with more news of the weird. A sure sign of getting older is becoming a
                                god parent. So now I'm both my neices' god mother. This is strange. Stranger still is attending church
                                for the first time since I was 7. Taking comunion made me miss my grandma. The wine was at least a
                                descent vintage. Hmm, realizing that last comment may have been sacriligeous.

                             - So I've quit school for the meanwhile and am looking for work. "Will emote for food."

                             - Oh yeah, btw, I got married on the 27th... send money, not flowers.