The family photo album

dasz me mum when she was  about twenty. scary is she made the  outfit herself...oh and like me n me sistar, mum doesn't have naturally red hair's a family thing, I guess

Kate's 2 daughters, my brother n my mum. taken at Kate's birthday gathering.

Dave with Myann and Elizabeth

Myann's frog trick (at least she's not spelling out blood)

Heather w/ Jacob and autumn back when both kids had hair.

Butterfly myann

Haloween costumes extraodinare

Heather and Danny's family

I love autumn's pose in this pic! Although it's very faded, you can still see her hair was dyed purple with pink streaks. It's kind of
an appology for having shaved it off after she got lice. I have to say it was kind of funny to have a five year old running around with a shaved  head and all of her front teeth silver capped. She's the little marilyn manson girl. : P

these are my dad's  parents with jacob and autumn before her head was shaved.

proud parents

tiny little summer-girl