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Bulent Celasun's Home Page

Who am I?

A Turkish pathologist, a former academician (professor).
My interest in pathology began when I was in the 3rd class of medical school. I have graduated in 1983, started pathology residency in 1984 and become a pathologist in 1987. (Then, you needed only three years after medical school to become a pathologist. It is almost insulting to know that becoming a "surgeon" took longer than this!).

I have seen a disproportionate number of liver biopsies and bone tumors because people think that visiting Stanmore Orthopedics Institute (for bone tumors) and spending some time with Professor Scheuer (for liver) has made me an expert on these subjects! I also like to play with computers but let others think that the things I do are called "image analysis".

I have edited the translation of SNOMED(TM) Pathology Microglossary into Turkish. It is a tool for interested pathologists to help them record their observations in a standard manner. You can examine a sample of Turkish Pathology Microglossary here. I have ended my involvement with SNOMED years ago; so, this is only of historical interest.

I manage a web site called (entirely in Turkish) to provide information about pathology to patients, their relatives, medical students and even pathologists. A handful of gross and microscopical images of interest to pathologists are displayed at my Flickr site.

I had been a proud member of the Pathology Department of Gulhane Military Medical Academy, School of Medicine from 1990 to March 2005.

This particular page (Angelfire...) dates back to 2010 and it has not been updated to represent my later years. You can check my blog at Wordpress ( if you are curious for some reason.

As usual for personal homepages, here is a picture of myself!: Bulent Celasun

My Published Articles:

If, for some reason, you would like to see my articles published in international referreed journals between 1987-2007 you are welcome to see the list!

Some colleagues I admire:

A loss to the literary world: Dr. Ed Uthman
... and a gain for the world of cyberpathologists!

The "Pathguy" Dr.Ed Friedlander
Only visit his Home Page if you have a couple of hours to spent in front of your computer. One wonders if he is a real person with 24 hours a day to spend (like most of us, I say) or he represents the front line of an army of academic-minded, computer-literate, energetic, "giving", Christian Pathologists!!

A taste of Japanese! Dr. Akio Hasegawa
A "personal" home page with a distinct "japanese" air.

Non-pathology stuff:

My medically oriented readings cover Medical Informatics, Quantitative Pathology (Image Analysis...), and The Cognitive Science-Pathology Intersection.
I like reading works of literature mostly by Turkish authors, poets and playwriters.
Philosophy is also an area I like to remain in touch with. Practically, however, it is limited to being a subscriber to Philosophy Now.

I am an admirer and regular listener of Bach's music. Of the contemporary musicians/groups, my favourites are: Madredeus, Swingle Singers, Cesaria Evora, Kitaro, Lila Downs, and Lhasa De Sela.
More on my musical preferences: What do I listen to?.

Photography has been my hobby since childhood. Nowadays I use a DSLR most of the time. You can see some of my photographs here or here .

You can reach me by e-mail

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