20 meter band: A wavelength. A radio wave measured by size rather than frequency
Amateur radio: A licensed hobbiest communications service. Ham radio
ammeter: Measures electrical current in amperes
autosound: Sound equipment meant to operate from a vehicle's 12 volt power supply

bullhorn: A hand-held personal voice amplification system with a microphone at one end, and a loudspeaker on the other. Also known as a 'loudhailer'.

CB: Citizens Band, no license hobbiest communications at 27 Mhz.
Crystal: Component that sets the frequency of the radio transmission

dummy load: Testing device connected to a transmitter instead of an antenna, to absorb the signal instead of radiating it.

ERN newsletter: Electronic and Radio Hobbiest's Newsletter, published by Panaxis Productions in the 1980s

FCC: Federal Communications Commission. Organization that regulates radio and telephone communications in the USA
field-strength meter: Measures the strength of a signal coming from a transmitting antenna or circuit

headroom: the ability of a circuit to have an extra reserve of capacity for use when needed
heat sink: Metal structure made to absorb and then dissipate waste heat from an operating circuit
high level modulation: modulation applied to the last stage of the transmitter.

integrated circuits, IC: an entire circuit built into a single component

K-Zap: WKZP, A shortwave and FM pirate station active in the late 80s
Khz: Kilohertz = 1000 hertz, a measurement of frequency
QRP: Amateur radio 'Q' code meaning low power operation

Radio Animal: a pirate broadcaster, not the name of a station. Developed the Grenade radio
RF: radio frequency

schematic: A plan or drawing of an electronic circuit, similar to the way a blueprint represents the structure of a house.
series modulator: circuit placed so as to directly vary the operating voltage of the RF stage, producing modulation
servo IC: Precision motor driver integrated circuit
shortwave: A band of frequencies roughly between 1.5 and 30 Megahertz

voltmeter: Measures electrical voltage in a circuit

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