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Welcome to the... 
Norman House Church1
A Bridgeway sponsored house church led by the house church pastors: 
 Jeff Basara and Kathleen Blue.       Updated:  Friday, September 19, 2003

  Things we love

  Logistical Stuff





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      Our mission is to experience the presence of the Lord Jesus within a community of believers.

We have (following God) disbanded this house church. Please visit one of the other Norman or South OKC house churches!  Try 

Things we love....

  • Worship - passionate worship is an important part of our meetings. We want to praise Jesus for all the awesome things He's done for us, and because He is worthy of all praise. 
  • Sharing - we love seeing what God is doing in the lives of our brothers and sisters.
  • Teaching - we believe that the Bible is God's inerrant word for His Church. We believe in building our faith by hearing His word.
  • Prayer - we pray for each other, our city, our leaders and the world in which we live. We believe that God changes things through our joining with Him in prayer.
  • Personal Ministry - we provide opportunities for God to touch and bless His people through personal ministry.
  • Outreach - we love people and want to be a blessing to others just like Jesus loved and blessed the people He encountered.

Logistical stuff...

  • We meet from 7-9:30 Thursday evenings.
  • We typically meet at Kathleen Blue's house
    See directions below
  • We like to eat... 
  • We are very casual, so wear whatever's on your back.

Typical Agenda (VERY subject to change when God wants to - which is often)
7:00 - 7:30 p.m.    Fellowship & Sharing
7:30 - 8:00 p.m.    Worship
8:00 - 8:30 p.m.    Teaching
8:30 - 9:30 p.m.    Prayer & Ministry Time

2002 Schedule...

We are Closed.  Thanks for stopping by.  

Teachings past...


  • John Ensworth's website (home of the fabled Star Trek Night)
  • Jim & Kimm's website (with many pictures of their baby girl)
  • Bible Gateway (online Bible for looking up passages)
  • And our parent church - Bridgeway Church (new and improved!)

For more information please  us or 
call the church office at (405) 749-8044.

To learn more about Bridgeway you can also visit the 
main Bridgeway web site.


We are meeting at:   Kathleen Blue's  directions  
and are led by:
 Jeff Basara & Kathleen Blue (interim)  (click to email)

  • Blue's ­ 2005 Grandview Ave. (from Robinson go North on Brookhaven, then turn left on North Hampton, go one block and turn right on Grandview). Click here for a map.

Alternate Meeting Locations  (when named in the schedule above)

  • Basara's -  It is in east Norman  (Map).  
    Our address is 1436 Sebastiani Circle in Norman.  Now, I'll tell you
    how to get there.

    From I-35 exit at Robinson St. and head east for approximately 3.3 miles
    until you reach Kenwood Dr on the right side of the Robinson (south).
    The subdivision is called Sonoma Park.  Just before you get to the
    subdivision on Robinson, you will cross 12th St. which has a
    Conoco/Breakplace on the corner.  Kenwood is the first residential
    street on the south side of the road beyond 12th St.  If you get to the
    Veteran's Center on Robinson, you have gone too far.  Once on Kenwood
    (heading south), Sebastiani is the fourth street on the right.  Once you
    make the turn, our house is the second on the left.

    >From 12th (Sooner Road) head south until you reach Robinson Street in
    Norman and turn left.  Kenwood is the first residential street on the
    south side of the road after turning off 12th St. and is marked by the
    entrance to the "Sonoma Park" subdivision.  Once on Kenwood (heading
    south), Sebastiani is the fourth street on the right.  Once you make the
    turn, our house is the second on the left.

    If you have any questions, please email me or call us at 405-364-8145.

  • Primrose's 701 Sundown:
    Get to 24th Ave West, the between Robinson and Main (this is the road that runs next to the West side Albertson's)
    Go East on Dakota, North on Sundown.  It is a big white house on the corner of Sundown and Morgan drive.  MAP!
  • Jennifer's - Take HWY 9 East to Hwy 77.  Go south on Hwy 77 (Left at the exit light).  Take Hwy 77 South to Post Oak Rd and turn left.  Post Oak Rd. is at the Noble City limit sign.  Take Post Oak Rd. East to 36th St.  Turn Right on 36th.  My addition is the 3rd one on the right (This is Woodbriar Rd., Meadowlake III addition across from the new Junior High).  My house is the first house on the left after the first cross street, which has no name that I have seen (there are no other houses around me yet.)
    see regional map HERE  and close up map HERE
    Address is 514 Woodbriar Rd.  My home phone is 872-5015.
  • John Ensworth's  see map   302 Vicksburg Ave, Norman
    360-8656   Go south on Sooner Rd. or I-35.  If you are on I-35, exit at Robinson St, go east to 12Ave. NE (also Sooner Rd), continue south to Alameda, turn to the east.  Go three lights and turn south on Vicksburg.  My house is the north side of the duplex just south of the canal under the road. 
  • Hawkin's -  see regional map HERE  and close up map HERE

Kathy S's  -1723 Concord Drive;   Map Here  
ph# 364- 2082..... 
        Verbally:  From Lindsey and SE 12th - South on 12th to Woodcreek (second left)Woodcreek to Concord (T intersection and yield sign)  Right on Concord curves around - 3rd house on left - NE corner of Woodcreek and Creekside

Also from Lindsey and SE 12th - East on Lindsey to Creekside (just past Biloxi); right on Creekside; (it Ts into Concord;) Left on Concord; NE corner of Creekside and Concord