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How to make Sandwiches

Just how stupid does she think we are?

Hot Sandwiches, Big Sandwiches, Fancy Sandwiches and Tiny Finger Sandwiches.
What amounts will you need for a fancy tea party, reception, or to feed
all your Rascally Relatives?  You'll find answers and some great tips here!
Let us make some lovely lettuce sandwiches!

Any way you cut them You can make them fancy
As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and
saves Me  a lot of typing!!

Recipe Index

Tea or Finger Sandwiches:
Tea Sandwiches for 300 Seafood & Fish Fillings (7) Miscellaneous Fillings (3)
Sandwich 'Cake' Ham Sandwich fillings Fruit Sandwiches (3)
Frosted Sandwich Loaf (2) Pinwheel Sandwiches (3) Cucumber Sandwiches (5)
Asparagus Sandwiches Chicken Salad Filling Tofu Spreads
Cream Cheese Filling    


Hot Sandwiches:
Hot Beef Sandwiches Texas Tuna Melts  
Party Ham Rolls    


Bigger Sandwiches: 
Turkey & Cheese Loaf Beef Stroganoff Sandwich Sub Loaves
Marinated Tuna Rolls Make ahead Party Sandwich  

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If you are planning to have a 'Tea' also see  Bars & Squares for wonderful
tasty tea dainties.