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Slices, Bars, and Squares
(Also mini tartlets and other tea time treats)

I'm going to show you how to
slice these bars so they aren't

Most of these recipes can be made ahead and frozen,
including some of the no bake ones!
Look for * indicating freezeable.

No Bake Treats:
Nanaimo Bars * Scotcheroos Confetti Bars *
Puffed Wheat Bars  Reverse Nanaimo Bars* -
Ed's Bars - -

More Great Squares:
hmm,  how about Bill Gates, Dan Quayle, Prince Charles, Wayne Gretzky...
 Marvelous Lemon Bars* Butter Pecan Turtle Bars*
Chocolate Chip Toffee Bars * Banana Sour Cream Bars* 
 Oatmeal Fudge Bars * Chocolate Revel Bars*
White Cholcate Nut Brownies*  Coffee Choc. Cheesecake Squares* 
Cheesecake Bars*  Tri Level Brownies* 
Butter Tart Bars* Vegan Brownies*
Easy Fudge Brownies Lemon Streusel Bar
- -

Jelly Roll Pans: When you need to make lots & lots!
Brownies for a Crowd* Seafoam Chews * Zuchinni Bars *
Poka Dot Bars * Cinnamon Triangles * Chocolate Peanut Bars
Carrot Bars * Brandied Almond Sq. Banana Bars *
Pumpkin Bars * - -
Tiny Tarts:
Butter Tarts* Fudge Cups * Custard Tarts
Coconut Jam* Tarts Lemon Cream Raspberry Tarts Pecanetts
Maple Tarts - -

How to Portion

This chart on the left, shows you how to cut a
pan of squares into various serving sizes.
The first half of the diagram shows you how to cut anywhere
from 12 per pan up to 48 servings per pan.

The bottom half of the illustration shows you how
to cut from 16 serving up to 64 servings from the same pan.
Of course if you are working with a very small pan,
you aren't going to be able to cut the pan into the larger number
of servings.

People will often appreciate small servings,
as it gives them the opportunity to try several 'goodies'
without feeling guilty!

Here is another diagram:

When you initially cut the cake into pieces,
this charts shows how those pieces can be
re-cut again and again to increase your
number of servings.

The top item of  each column is the number of
pieces the cake was origianlly cut into.

The pieces under the top portion, show how
the original pieces were cut again to achieve
more servings.

The numbers indicate the number of portions that

the pan can be divided into and shows the
approximate size of the pieces.

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