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This plot doesn't go with some of the quirky EB plots that some people have...

This plot takes place 10 years in the future before EB takes place...

The year 2004

Giygas rules the Earth and has become the ultimate evil...

It flashes to a cold confined cell where you see Ness wearing a gray uniform sleeping in the corner of the cell. Then a noise is heard and two Starman guards walk in carrying Paula. She is struggling to get loose but she can't...

The Starmen throw her into the cell next to Ness' and Ness awakes... "You can't do this to me!" Paula yells in agony, "I have nothing you need!"

Then an all too familiar buzzing sound comes closer and closer... Then Buzz Buzz flies past the guards and into the room. "Ahh yes... The second chosen one, Emperor Giygas will be pleased with me!" he cackles, "now I only need to get two more, and the Starman deluxe is working on that!"

All of them leave and Ness, is contacted by Paula... "Boy, boy, who are you?" Paula asks.

"I uh I a-am uhh, I mean my name is, I uh I forgot, I think, I think it's Ness..." Ness answers, "they've had me in here for, for uh 3 years, they just call me, boy, or chosen one..."

"What have they done to you?" Paula asks...

"I uhh I can't remember *sniff*," Ness starts to cry, "they say that if they catch us all, *sniffle* that Emperor Giygas will rule the universe, they slaughtered my family and only my dad escaped..."

Then it is heard by Ness and Paula a buzzing sound... Buzz Buzz enters with what looks like Giegue. "Master Giygas, sir. It is my honor to show you the chosen ones that the Apple said would defeat you. It, of course, was wrong, and we have captured the leaders of the chosen ones." Buzz Buzz says, "they were too weak to defeat the Starmen!"

"Good" Giygas says echoing, "their ancestors were trouble. But the apple was right only once, they cannot defeat me this time. As for you Buzz Buzz, you have done well, but you are no longer a need to the society."

"But, But... Sir..." Buzz Buzz says no more before Giygas blasts him into the wall."

"All who are not needed Buzz Buzz, die!" Giygas says as he leaves...

Buzz Buzz lays on the floor squirming, then his rises slowly and moves to Ness' cell. "It was a trick! Do you believe it boy, it was a trick," he screams at Ness, "all 3 years of this and it was a trick!"

"His name is Ness you stupid bug," Paula yells out in rage, "leave him alone!"

"Ahh Paula you have a lot of energy, but they will wear you," Buzz Buzz snaps at her, "you saw what Giygas did to me! If he ever figures out that I had my PSI shield up he will hunt me down and destroy me!"

Then Buzz Buzz turns and opens the locks on Ness' and Paula's cells. "I hate to aid the Apple of Enlightenment, but I need your help. You are the only ones who can defeat Giygas," Buzz Buzz says to them, "but this cannot be done so simply. Here take this. It contains Maria's song."

Buzz Buzz hands Ness a sound stone. "Maria's song is the only thing that can defeat Giygas. I kept this just in case something like this happened," Buzz Buzz says quickly, "I must contact you at an earlier date though. You may be too weak to defeat Giygas now, but you weren't then!"

Ness takes the Sand Lot bat he has in his backpack when suddenly two Starmen Jrs come in wheeling what looks like a meteorite. "Hey *wirr* I thought Giygas killed you!"

Buzz Buzz blasts the two guards and lands on the meteorite. "Ness I will use this Meteor as a transport to contact you in the past. You must defeat Giygas, he has become too powerful... Find the other twooooo..." Buzz Buzz's message trails off as he blasts out of the base."

The two Starman Jrs have recharged by this time and they face you... "You go *beep* after the bug!" One of the Starmen Jrs bleeps out, "I'll take care of these two, we can't let Giygas know Buzz Buzz got away. It seems his brainwashing has worn off!"

You go into battle with the Starman and after you defeat him you go around the world to find the other two chosen ones, and save the world. You can save the game by contacting your Dad using the secret phone number. Basically the rest of the game is like EarthBound, except much much cooler.