Encore's Mystery Channel

2006 Month and day listed, all times EST

Past movies have included Westworld and Futureworld, Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's War, Squirm (attack of the killer worms), A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Dr. Phibes Rises Again (Vincent Price), Once Bitten (Jim Carrey vs. vampire), Flowers In the Attic, Running Man (Schwarzenegger), Night Of The Living Dead, Pulp Fiction, Dr. Who, The Horror Show: House 3, the Mike Myers comedy So I Married An Axe Murderer, Child's Play, Spawn (from Hell), Dick Tracy (Pacino, Madonna), James Bond 007 and Matt Helm movies
Thursday, 6򈚐6 
7:35a Pickup On South Street
9:00a Murder In Three Acts
10:40a Last Man Standing
12:30p No Way Out
2:30p Copycat
4:40p Agatha Christie's Thirteen At Dinner
6:20p American Gun
8:00p Lone Star
10:20p Copycat
12:30a Across 110th Street
2:15a The Attic Expeditions
4:00a Marnie (Hitchcock)
Friday, 6 2
6:20a Knock On Any Door
8:05a Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?
9:40a Cover Girls
11:00a Deceived
1:00p The Return Of Mickey Spillane's...
2:45p The Glass Shield
4:40p Still Crazy Like A Fox
6:20p Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?
8:00p Deceived
10:00p The Glass Shield
12:00a Witness For The Prosecution
2:05a The Harder They Fall
4:00a Deceived
Saturday, 6 3
6:00a Encore Cinenews (E22)
6:35a The Glass Shield
8:30a Night Of The Living Dead
10:10a The Morning After
12:00p The Butterfly Effect
2:00p Stephen King's Dolores Claiborne (Kathy Bates)
4:15p Stephen King's Christine (a real killer car)
6:10p Shadow Conspiracy
8:00p The Butterfly Effect
10:00p The Good Son
11:30p Night Of The Living Dead
1:10a Into The Badlands
2:45a The Butterfly Effect
4:45a Encore Cinenews (E23)
5:15a Out Of Time
Sunday, 6 4
6:50a Home Invasion
8:30a A Memory In My Heart
10:10a Mary Reilly (maid to Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde)
12:05p The Verdict
2:20p Mercury Rising
4:20p Child's Play 3
6:00p Mary Reilly
8:00p Birth
9:45p Mercury Rising
11:40p Lethal Eviction
1:15a Single White Female (your new room-mate's a psycho) Bridget Fonda
3:10a Birth
5:00a Poe's The Tomb Of Ligeia (Vincent Price)
Monday, 6 5
6:30a Murder In Three Acts
8:10a Medusa's Child 
11:20a Foolproof
1:05p No Way Out
3:10p To Kill A Cop 
6:35p Foolproof
8:15p Last Man Standing
10:00p No Way Out
12:05a Monster Man
1:50a The Attic Expeditions
3:40a Howling 2: Your Sister Is A Werewolf
5:20a No Way Out
Tuesday, 6 6
7:15a After The Fox
9:05a Marnie (Hitchcock)
11:20a Burglar
1:05p The Morning After
2:50p Jagged Edge
4:45p Run
6:20p Loose Cannons
8:00p Burglar
9:45p Best Men
11:20p Nightwatch
1:05a One Of Them
2:45a The Big Sleep
4:30a Best Men
Wednesday, 6 7
6:05a Encore Cinenews (E23)
6:40a Witness For The Prosecution
8:45a Twilight Zone: The Movie
10:30a American Gun
12:05p Stephen King's Dolores Claiborne
2:20p The Glass Shield
4:15p Shadow Conspiracy
6:05p Stephen King's Christine
8:00p Dolores Claiborne (Stephen King's)
10:20p The Dark Half
12:30a Stephen King's Sleepwalkers
2:05a Christine (Stephen King)
4:00a The Verdict
Thursday, 6 8
6:15a Still Crazy Like A Fox
8:00a A Memory In My Heart
9:40a Night Of The Living Dead
11:20a Dawn Of The Dead
1:05p Child's Play 3
2:40p Out Of Time
4:20p Mercury Rising
6:15p Leviathan (don't go in the sunken ship)
8:00p Johnny Mnemonic
9:40p Dawn Of The Dead
11:20p Candyman
1:05a Innocent Lies
2:35a The Tomb Of Ligeia
4:00a Police Story: The Cut Man Caper
5:20a In A Lonely Place
Friday, 6 9
7:00a Shamus
8:45a The Cosby Mysteries
10:20a I Wake Up Screaming
11:45a So I Married An Axe Murderer (Mike Myers comedy)
1:20p Once Upon A Spy
3:00p Fluke
4:40p A Killing Affair
6:20p The Cosby Mysteries
8:00p So I Married An Axe Murderer
9:35p Fluke
11:15p Once Upon A Spy
1:00a Pickup On South Street
2:30a I Wake Up Screaming
4:00a Single White Female
5:50a So I Married An Axe Murderer
Saturday, 6 10
7:30a The Canterville Ghost
9:05a Happy New Year
10:35a Run
12:10p Hellboy
2:15p On The Set: Hellboy
2:35p Burglar
4:20p Foolproof
6:00p Jagged Edge
7:50p Hellboy
10:00p Howling 2: Your Sister Is A Werewolf
11:35p Monster Man
1:15a Best Men
2:50a Foolproof
4:30a Hellboy
Sunday, 6 11
6:35a On The Set: Hellboy
7:00a Medusa's Child 
10:05a Last Man Standing
11:50a Loose Cannons
1:35p Jackie Brown
4:15p The Dark Half
6:20p Bride Of Chucky (Child's Play 4)
8:00p The Hazing
9:30p Jackie Brown
12:10a This World, Then The Fireworks
2:00a Bride Of Chucky
3:30a Cover Girls
4:50a The Hazing
Monday, 6 12
6:20a Out Of Time
8:00a Marnie
10:15a Home Invasion
11:50a The Good Son
1:20p The Verdict
3:35p The Glass Shield
5:30p Child's Play 3
7:00p The Good Son
8:30p Lethal Eviction
10:00p The Verdict
12:10a One Of Them
1:45a The Big Sleep
3:30a The Rich Man's Wife
5:10a Still Crazy Like A Fox
Tuesday, 6 13
6:45a A Memory In My Heart
8:20a Agatha Christie's Thirteen At...
10:00a Police Story: The Cut Man Caper
11:15a Shadow Conspiracy
1:05p The Cosby Mysteries
2:40p Fluke
4:20p Christine
6:20p Innocent Lies
8:00p Shadow Conspiracy
9:45p Sunset
11:35p American Gun
1:10a Howling 2: Your Sister Is A Werewolf
2:45a Police Story: The Cut Man Caper
4:50a I Wake Up Screaming
Wednesday, 6 14
6:20a Pickup On South Street
7:50a Fluke
9:30a So I Married An Axe Murderer
11:10a The Canterville Ghost
12:50p Hellboy
3:00p On The Set: Hellboy
3:15p Happy New Year
4:45p Run
6:20p So I Married An Axe Murderer
8:00p Hellboy
10:05p Johnny Mnemonic
11:45p Monster Man
1:30a The Hazing
3:00a Best Men
4:35a Johnny Mnemonic
Thursday, 6 15
6:15a Hellboy
8:20a Happy New Year
9:50a After The Fox
11:35a Medusa's Child 
2:45p Bride Of Chucky
4:15p Jagged Edge
6:10p The Morning After
8:00p Single White Female
10:00p Bride Of Chucky
11:30p The Name Of The Rose
1:45a The Morning After
3:30a Encore Cinenews (E24)
4:00a After The Fox
5:50a Sssssss
Friday, 6 16
7:35a The Lady Vanishes
9:20a Gremlins 2: The New Batch
11:15a No Way Out
1:10p Out Of Time
2:50p To Kill A Cop 
6:20p Murder In Three Acts
8:00p Gremlins part 2: The New Batch
9:50p Out Of Time
11:30p To Kill A Cop 
2:45a Cover Girls
4:00a Out Of Time
5:40a Marnie
Saturday, 6 17
8:00a Twilight Zone: The Movie
9:50a Lone Star
12:10p Mercury Rising
2:05p The Verdict
4:20p American Gun
6:00p No Way Out
8:00p Mercury Rising
10:00p Twilight Zone: The Movie
11:45p The Attic Expeditions
1:30a Nightwatch
3:15a Stephen King's Sleepwalkers
4:50a Witness For The Prosecution
Sunday, 6 18
6:50a Encore Cinenews (E25)
7:20a Still Crazy Like A Fox
9:00a The Glass Shield
11:00a Dawn Of The Dead
12:50p Leviathan (don't go in the sunken ship)
2:35p The Butterfly Effect
4:30p Shadow Conspiracy
6:20p Deceived
8:15p Dawn Of The Dead
10:00p The Butterfly Effect
12:00a Johnny Mnemonic
1:45a The Big Sleep
3:30a Encore Cinenews (E25)
4:00a The Butterfly Effect
Monday, 6 19
6:00a Police Story: The Cut Man Caper
7:15a I Wake Up Screaming
8:40a The Canterville Ghost
10:15a Sunset
12:05p Burglar
1:50p Jagged Edge
3:50p The Cosby Mysteries
5:30p Sunset
7:20p Jackie Brown
10:00p Jagged Edge
12:00a The Name Of The Rose
2:15a Sunset
4:05a Knock On Any Door
5:50a Murder In Three Acts
Tuesday, 6 20
7:35a Deceived
9:30a To Kill A Cop 
12:50p The Good Son
2:20p The Dark Half
4:30p Foolproof
6:05p Deceived
8:00p The Good Son
9:30p The Hazing
11:00p This World, Then The Fireworks
12:45a Single White Female
2:35a Lethal Eviction
4:05a Best Men
5:40a After The Fox
Wednesday, 6 21
7:30a Poe's The Tomb Of Ligeia
9:00a Sssssss
10:45a The Morning After
12:35p Loose Cannons
2:20p No Way Out
4:20p Mercury Rising
6:20p Night Of The Living Dead
8:00p Candyman
9:45p Mary Reilly
11:40p Howling 2: Your Sister Is A Werewolf
1:15a Monster Man
3:00a The Attic Expeditions
4:45a The Harder They Fall
Thursday, 6 22
6:40a Encore Cinenews (E25)
7:10a Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?
8:45a Witness For The Prosecution
10:45a Run
12:20p Hitchcock's Marnie
2:40p & 9:45p Gremlins part 2: The New Batch
4:30p Shadow Conspiracy
6:15p Birth
8:00p Run
9:45p Gremlins 2: The New Batch
11:35p One Of Them
1:15a On The Set: Hellboy
1:40a Birth
3:30a Encore Cinenews (E25)
4:00a Still Crazy Like A Fox
5:40a Happy New Year
Friday, 6 23
7:10a Agatha Christie's Thirteen At...
8:50a Pickup On South Street
10:20a A Memory In My Heart
12:00p Happy New Year
1:30p Dean Koontz's Sole Survivor
4:35p Illegally Yours
6:20p Agatha Christie's Thirteen At...
8:00p A Memory In My Heart
9:35p Medusa's Child 
12:45a Illegally Yours
2:30a Happy New Year
4:00a This World, Then The Fireworks
5:50a Agatha Christie's Thirteen At...
Saturday, 6 24
7:30a The Cosby Mysteries
9:05a Once Upon A Spy
10:50a The Dark Half
1:00p Innocent Lies
2:35p Fluke
4:20p Mary Reilly
6:15p The Dark Half
8:20p Child's Play 3
10p & 4:30a Bride Of Chucky (Child's Play 4)
11:30p The Hazing
1:00a Johnny Mnemonic
2:40a Mary Reilly
4:30a Bride Of Chucky
Sunday, 6 25
6:00a Knock On Any Door
7:50a I Wake Up Screaming
9:20a So I Married An Axe Murderer (Mike Myers comedy)
11:00a Sunset
12:50p The Good Son
2:20p Hellboy
4:30p Foolproof
6:05p Stephen King's Christine (a killer car)
8:00p Copycat
10:05p Hellboy
12:10a Candyman
2:00a Monster Man
3:45a Best Men
5:20a Encore Cinenews (E26)
5:45a Hellboy
Monday, 6 26
7:50a On The Set: Hellboy
8:15a No Way Out
10:10a Night Of The Living Dead
11:50a Twilight Zone: The Movie
1:40p Run
3:20p The Morning After
5:10p American Gun
6:45p Into The Badlands
8:20p The Rich Man's Wife
10:00p The Morning After
11:45p One Of Them
1:20a American Gun
3:00a The Rich Man's Wife
4:40a Twilight Zone: The Movie
Tuesday, 6 27
6:30a Poe's The Tomb Of Ligeia
8:00a Sssssss
9:40a Pickup On South Street
11:05a No Way Out
1:00p Murder In Three Acts
2:40p Mercury Rising
4:35p Poe's The Tomb Of Ligeia
6:00p No Way Out
8:00p Single White Female
10:00p Mercury Rising
12:00a The Attic Expeditions
1:45a The Hazing
3:20a Single White Female
5:15a Encore Cinenews (E26)
5:45a Witness For The Prosecution
Wednesday, 6 28
7:45a Knock On Any Door
9:30a Out Of Time
11:10a To Kill A Cop 
2:35p Child's Play 3
4:10p Innocent Lies
5:45p The Verdict
8:00p Jagged Edge
10:00p The Name Of The Rose
12:15a Howling 2: Your Sister Is A Werewolf
1:50a The Verdict
4:00a Child's Play 3
5:35a Out Of Time
Thursday, 6 29
7:15a After The Fox
9:10a Fluke
10:50a Foolproof
12:30p Loose Cannons
2:10p Sunset
4:00p The Dark Half
6:05p The Glass Shield
8:00p Nightwatch
9:45p Foolproof
11:30p Lethal Eviction
1:00a The Good Son
2:30a Stephen King's Sleepwalkers
4:00a A Killing Affair
5:40a Police Story: The Cut Man Caper
Friday, 6 30
7:00a Stormy Weathers
8:35a The Harder They Fall
10:30a & 8p Twilight Zone: The Movie
12:15p Home Invasion
1:50p Police Story: The Cut Man Caper
3:05p The Canterville Ghost
4:45p Stormy Weathers
6:20p Home Invasion
8:00p Twilight Zone: The Movie
9:45p The Canterville Ghost
11:20p Night Of The Living Dead
1:00a The Hound Of The Baskervilles
2:30a The Lady From Shanghai
4:00a Stormy Weathers
5:35a Bird On A Wire
Saturday, 7򈚐6 
7:30a The Return Of Ironside
9:05a Agnes Of God
10:50a The Butterfly Effect
12:50p Bird On A Wire
2:50p & 10pm Psycho
4:40p Hear No Evil
6:20p The Butterfly Effect
8:15p Birth
10:00p Psycho
11:45p Toolbox Murders
1:20a The Butterfly Effect
3:20a Hear No Evil
5:00a I Love Trouble
Sunday, 7 2
7:10a House Of Cards
9:05a & 2:10a Throw Momma From the Train (another Silver Streak)
10:35a & 6:30p Child's Play 2 (Chucky's back)
12:00p & 12:40a Bride Of Chucky (Child's Play 4)
1:35p Playing God
3:15p Jack Higgins' The Windsor...
4:50p The Mighty Quinn
6:30p Child's Play 2
8:00p Bad Moon
9:20p Playing God
11:00p The Mighty Quinn
12:40a Bride Of Chucky
2:10a Throw Momma From the Train
3:40a In The Eye Of The Cat
5:15a Niagara
Monday, 7 3
6:45a Encore Cinenews (E27)
7:15a Out Of The Darkness
9:00a Dragnet
10:50a Cursed
12:30p Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?
2:05p Dead End
3:30p Dead By Sunset 
6:35p Cursed
8:15p Nightwatch
10:00p Light Sleeper
11:50p Dead End
1:20a Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?
3:00a Nightwatch
4:45a Cursed
Tuesday, 7 4
6:30a Shadows And Fog
8:00a Scorpio
10:00a The Blob
11:40a Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer:...
1:20p Roger Corman's Frankenstein Unbound
2:50p Shadows And Fog
4:20p The Blob
6:05p Reversal of Fortune
8:00p Frankenstein Unbound (Roger Corman)
9:30p The Hot Spot
11:40p Shadows And Fog
1:10a Halloween 2
2:45a Reversal of Fortune
4:40a Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer:...
Wednesday, 7 5
6:20a Sherlock Holmes In New York
8:00a Agnes Of God
9:40a Deceived
11:35a Bride Of Chucky
1:05p The Butterfly Effect
3:05p Jack Higgins' The Windsor...
4:40p Agnes Of God
6:20p Revolver
8:00p The Butterfly Effect
10:00p Birth
11:45p Bride Of Chucky
1:20a Swimming Pool
3:05a Walk On Water
4:50a Deceived
Thursday, 7 6
6:45a Encore Cinenews (E27)
7:15a The Village
9:05a House Of Cards
11:00a When The Bough Breaks
12:50p The Mighty Quinn
2:30p The Village
4:20p Twilight Zone: The Movie
6:05p Blow Out
8:00p When The Bough Breaks
9:45p The Village
11:35p The Mighty Quinn
1:15a Bad Moon
2:35a Child's Play 2
4:00a To Kill A Cop 
Friday, 7 7
7:15a Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?
8:50a Hart To Hart: Two Harts In...
10:30a Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer
12:05p Crowned And Dangerous
1:35p The Advocate's Devil
3:10p Hart To Hart: Two Harts In...
4:45p Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?
6:20p Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer
8:00p The Advocate's Devil
9:35p Crowned And Dangerous
11:10p Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?
12:45a Hart To Hart: Two Harts In...
2:20a The Advocate's Devil
4:00a The Boston Strangler (starring Jamie Lee Curtis' father Tony)
Saturday, 7 8
6:00a Encore Cinenews (E27)
6:30a Cursed
8:10a Boys
9:40a Dragnet
11:30a The Bourne Supremacy
1:20p Someone To Watch Over Me
3:10p Cursed
4:50p Dragnet
6:40p Boys
8:10p The Bourne Supremacy
10:00p Cursed
11:40p Adam & Evil
1:15a Dragnet
3:05a The Bourne Supremacy
5:00a Boys
Sunday, 7 9
6:30a The Cosby Mysteries
8:05a The People Across The Lake (where did these bodies come from?)
9:50a The Skulls
11:40a Shadow Of Fear
1:10p The Blob
2:50p Out Of Sight
5:00p Roger Corman's Frankenstein Unbound
6:30p Shadow Of Fear
8:00p The Hot Spot
10:15p Out Of Sight
12:20a The Skulls
2:10a The Blob
3:45a The Hot Spot
Monday, 7 10
6:00a The Village
7:50a Family Plot
10:00a The Mighty Quinn
11:40a Agnes Of God
1:20p Jack Higgins' The Windsor...
3:00p Blow Out
4:50p The Village (Sigourney Weaver vs. some things in the woods)
6:40p The Mighty Quinn
8:20p Jack Higgins' The Windsor...
10:00p Swimming Pool
11:45p The Village
1:35a Blow Out
3:30a The Mighty Quinn
5:15a The Hound Of The Baskervilles (Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, 1959)
Tuesday, 7 11
6:45a Crowned And Dangerous
8:20a Cursed (Wes Craven's tale of a brother & sister bitten by a werewolf)
10:00a Revolver
11:35a When The Bough Breaks (1993)
1:20p Playing God
3:00p Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? (Tori Spelling)
4:35p Cursed
6:15p When The Bough Breaks
8:00p The Last Obsession
9:40p Playing God
11:20p Cursed
1:00a Below Utopia
2:30a Skin Deep
4:50a On The Beach
Wednesday, 7 12
7:05a Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?
8:40a Encore Cinenews (E28)
9:10a Bird On A Wire (1990 comedy)
11:05a Frank McKlusky, C.I.
12:35p Out Of Sight
2:40p The Good Son
4:10p Bird On A Wire
6:05p Storyville
8:00p Out Of Sight
10:05p Nightwatch
11:50p The Good Son
1:20a I'm Not Scared (2004)
3:10a Out Of Sight
5:15a Encore Cinenews (E28)
5:45a Anatomy Of A Murder
Thursday, 7 13
8:30a Shadow Of Fear
10:05a Jack Higgins' The Windsor...
11:45a Boys
1:20p Hear No Evil (1993)
3:00p Shadow Of Fear
4:30p Psycho (1998)
6:20p Jack Higgins' The Windsor...
8:00p Hear No Evil
9:40p Boys
11:10p Psycho (1998)
1:00a Roger Corman's Frankenstein Unbound
2:30a Boys
4:00a The Canterville Ghost
5:40a Deceived
Friday, 7 14
7:30a Dead By Sunset 
10:40a I Love Trouble
12:45p Out Of The Darkness
2:20p Agnes Of God
4:00p Deceived
5:50p I Love Trouble
8:00p Dead By Sunset 
11:05p Deceived
1:00a Agnes Of God
2:45a Police Story: The Cut Man Caper
4:00a Bad Moon
5:20a I Love Trouble
Saturday, 7 15
7:30a Matt Helm in Murderers' Row
9:20a Shadows And Fog
10:50a Throw Momma From the Train (another Silver Streak)
12:20p & 10pm Child's Play 2
1:50p The Village
3:40p Dead End
5:10p Throw Momma From the Train
6:40p Shadows And Fog
8:10p The Village
10:00p Child's Play 2
11:30p Dead End
1:00a Shadows And Fog
2:30a The Village
4:20a Scorpio
Sunday, 7 16
6:20a Encore Cinenews (E29)
6:50a Gremlins part 2: The New Batch
8:45a The Return Of Ironside
10:20a Reversal of Fortune (you have no idea)
12:20p Storyville
2:20p Jagged Edge
4:15p Gremlins part 2: The New Batch
6:05p Reversal of Fortune
8:00p Light Sleeper
9:45p Jagged Edge
11:35p Storyville
1:30a Gremlins part 2: The New Batch
3:20a Light Sleeper
5:05a On The Beach
Monday, 7 17
7:20a Encore Cinenews (E29)
7:50a The Bourne Supremacy
9:45a Shadow Of Fear
11:20a House Of Cards
1:20p The People Across The Lake
3:05p Witch Hunt (1999)
4:40p The Bourne Supremacy
6:35p House Of Cards
8:30p Shadow Of Fear
10:00p The Hot Spot
12:15a The Bourne Supremacy
2:10a The Squeeze
4:00a Encore Cinenews (E29)
4:30a Shadow Of Fear
Tuesday, 7 18
6:00a The Lady Vanishes
7:40a The Boston Strangler (Tony Curtis)
9:45a Boys
11:20a The Mighty Quinn
1:05p Agnes Of God
2:50p Psycho (1998)
4:40p Boys
6:15p Birth
8:00p The Mighty Quinn
9:40p Psycho (1998)
11:30p The Entity
1:40a Birth
3:30a Swimming Pool (2003)
5:15a Agnes Of God
Wednesday, 7 19
7:00a The Village
8:50a The Harder They Fall
10:40a Cursed
12:20p Blow Out
2:15p The Village
4:10p Hear No Evil
5:50p I Love Trouble
8:00p Cursed
9:40p The Village
11:30p Frankenstein Unbound (Roger Corman)
1:00a Justice
2:45a Cursed
4:30a I Love Trouble
Thursday, 7 20
6:35a Cover Girls
7:50a The Advocate's Devil
9:30a The Return Of Ironside
11:05a Reversal of Fortune
1:00p Out Of Sight
3:10p Dead End
4:35p Storyville
6:30p The Advocate's Devil
8:00p Reversal of Fortune
10:00p Dead End
11:30p Out Of Sight
1:35a Cutter's Way
3:30a Encore Cinenews (E29)
4:00a Hitchcock's Family Plot
Friday, 7 21
6:05a Bird On A Wire
8:00a Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer
9:40a Flowers In the Attic
11:15a Shadow Of Fear
12:50p The Skulls
2:40p Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer
4:20p Bird On A Wire
6:20p Flowers In the Attic
8:00p The Skulls
9:50p Bird On A Wire
11:45p Shadow Of Fear
1:15a Anatomy Of A Murder
4:00a Walk On Water
5:50a Niagara
Saturday, 7 22
7:20a Frank McKlusky, C.I.
8:45a Encore Cinenews (E29)
9:15a Crowned And Dangerous
10:45a Revolver
12:20p Playing God
2:00p The Blob
3:40p Crowned And Dangerous
5:10p Frank McKlusky, C.I.
6:35p Playing God
8:15p Nightwatch
10:00p The Blob
11:35p Cube Zero
1:15a Playing God
2:50a Crowned And Dangerous
4:20a Nightwatch
Sunday, 7 23
6:10a Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? (Tori Spelling)
7:45a Encore Cinenews (E30)
8:15a Dragnet
10:05a Boys
11:35a Hear No Evil
1:15p Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?
2:50p & 1am Dragnet
4:40p Cursed
6:20p Hear No Evil
8:00p Swimming Pool
9:45p Boys
11:15p Cursed
1:00a Dragnet
2:50a The New Centurions
4:40a Still Crazy Like A Fox
Monday, 7 24
6:20a Tony Rome (Matt Helm's private eye friend)
8:15a The Return Of Ironside
9:50a The Harder They Fall
11:45a Shadows And Fog
1:15p When The Bough Breaks
3:05p The Return Of Ironside
4:45p Psycho (1998)
6:30p When The Bough Breaks
8:15p Birth
10:00p Shadows And Fog
11:30p Psycho (1998)
1:20a Asunder
3:10a Birth
5:00a In A Lonely Place
Tuesday, 7 25
6:35a Fritz Lang's The Big Heat (1953)
8:10a I Love Trouble
10:15a Out Of Sight
12:20p The Village
2:15p House Of Cards
4:05p I Love Trouble
6:10p Blow Out
8:00p The Village
9:50p Out Of Sight
12:00a Storyville
2:00a The Art Of Dying
3:40a Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning (a werewolf)
5:15a The Lady From Shanghai (1947, Orson Welles)
Wednesday, 7 26
6:45a The Bourne Supremacy
8:35a Out Of The Darkness
10:10a The Blob
11:50a Shadow Of Fear
1:20p The Bourne Supremacy
3:10p Child's Play 2
4:35p Number One With A Bullet
6:20p The Blob
8:00p The Bourne Supremacy
9:50p Shadow Of Fear
11:20p Child's Play 2
12:45a Bad Moon
2:10a The Hot Spot
4:20a Heaven
Thursday, 7 27
6:05a Bird On A Wire
8:00a Encore Cinenews (E30)
8:30a Cursed
10:10a Hart To Hart: Two Harts In...
11:45a Playing God
1:20p Witch Hunt
2:50p Cursed
4:30p Revolver
6:05p Bird On A Wire
8:00p Playing God
9:35p Cursed
11:15p Swimming Pool
1:00a Below Utopia
2:30a Dr. Phibes Rises Again (Vincent Price kills for his wife)
4:00a On The Beach
Friday, 7 28
6:20a House Of Cards
8:15a The People Across The Lake
10:00a The Return Of Mickey Spillane's...
11:40a Boys
1:10p Throw Momma From the Train
2:40p House Of Cards
4:35p The Return Of Mickey Spillane's...
6:15p The People Across The Lake
8:00p Throw Momma From the Train
9:30p Boys
11:00p House Of Cards
12:50a The Return Of Ironside
2:30a Throw Momma From the Train
4:00a The People Across The Lake
5:40a Dead By Sunset 
Saturday, 7 29
8:45a Deceived
10:40a The Advocate's Devil
12:15p Out Of Sight
2:20p When The Bough Breaks
4:10p Deceived
6:05p The Mighty Quinn
7:50p Out Of Sight
10:00p Halloween 2
11:35p Wolves Of Wall Street
1:05a The Mighty Quinn
2:45a Deceived
4:35a Halloween 2
Sunday, 7 30
6:10a The Village
8:00a Stormy Weathers
9:35a Shadows And Fog
11:05a Psycho (1998)
12:50p The Village
2:40p The Bourne Supremacy
4:30p I Love Trouble
6:35p Dead End
8:00p Psycho (1998)
9:45p The Bourne Supremacy
11:35p The Village
1:30a Dead End
3:00a The Entity
5:10a The Bourne Supremacy
Monday, 7 31
7:00a The Stranger
8:40a Matt Helm in Murderers' Row
10:30a Playing God
12:05p Storyville
2:00p Hear No Evil
3:40p Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer
5:20p Playing God
7:00p Bad Moon
8:20p Hear No Evil
10:00p Storyville
12:00a Playing God
1:40a Vampires: The Turning
3:05a Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer:...
4:45a Encore Cinenews (E31)
5:15a Millennium
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