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Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Desmitis
also known as
Equine Systemic Proteoglycan Accumulation

The latest ongoing research has shown DSLD/ESPA to be a systemic connective tissue disease that is found in many breeds including Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Morgans, Peruvian Pasos, Paso Finos, Saddlebreds, Warmbloods, Appaloosa's, Friesian, Missouri Foxtrotter, Tennessee Walker, Paints, National Show Horse, Mustang, crossbreds, mules and more.

Necropsy results have shown DSLD/ESPA horses are affected in the tendons and ligaments of all legs, nuchal ligament, the patella , it can also affect the eyes and aorta and some organs, skin and all the ligaments and tendons. The entire body becomes affected as the disease progresses. Some horses have shown an iron overload also. Ongoing research is working on the biochemical aspects of the disease in accumulating proteoglycans and the mechanism/s that regulate the process, also the genetic aspects are being studied. DSLD/ESPA is believed to be a genetic disorder so it is advised to take all affected horses out of the breeding pool so the disease does not get passed on.

To learn more about all aspects of DSLD/ESPA including diagnosis, individual cases, symptoms and management please go to the links on the left of the page.

Dr Kellon's Treatment Study has had some very good results in managing pain and in improving the quality of life of DSLD/ESPA horses. It helps most horses improve and some have shown healing on repeat ultrasounds. To be a part of the study email: and ask for Dr Kellon's D/E study form.

Veterinarians for an indepth look at the disease Please Click here for the Vet Pages Helpful info for owners and breeders also.

Thank you ICHO for supporting DSLD/ESPA research with the past fund raiser!

For Current donations, give directly to DSLD/ESPA research to Dr Halper at University of Georgia on biochemical studies and to Dr Cothran at Texas A & M genetic studies.

"Thank You" for supporting DSLD research, it's-

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