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DSLD Research, Inc. was founded in October of 2000 by Jeanette L. Mero, DVM, an equine veterinarian and breeder/exhibitor of Peruvian Paso horses, as a not-for-profit research project dedicated to discovering the source of DSLD and its eradication in Peruvian Pasos and other afflicted breeds.

There were three dimensions of this research project:

Dr. Mero has worked in collaboration with several research institutions and clinicians. The University of Kentucky is attempting to locate the hypothesized gene responsible for DSLD and to develop a genetic test to easily identify normal, carrier and affected horses. If developed, this test will then be made available to the public through their lab.

Dr. Mero has worked in collaboration with Dr. Roy Pool, recognized as the world's expert in tendon ligament pathology, as well as with several researchers at Cornell University and the University of Georgia, in studying the clinical aspects of DSLD. Their work is aimed at a better understanding of the clinical signs, rates of progression, biochemistry, histopathology, and at developing better techniques for the diagnosis of DSLD.

The clinical work completed has yielded a diagnostic protocol for DSLD, along with an accompanying examination form, as an aid to owners and their veterinarians. While this protocol was not designed as a screening tool, it has proven to be very useful and accurate in diagnosing DSLD cases when a horse is exhibiting some or all of the typical DSLD symptoms

All information regarding horses involved in the DSLD Research, Inc. -- including horses' names, pedigrees, and owner information -- will be kept in the strictest confidence and will never be released.

The third important aspect of this project is a pledge to help educate the owners, breeders and veterinarians of the general horse public about DSLD. Since the actual research is completed, DSLD Research, Inc. intends to continue on as an advocate and an educational voice in the fight against DSLD and in the pursuit of the eventual elimination of this devastating, thus-far incurable ailment.

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