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Welcome to Cayne's Den

Shawn Squire. Copyright 1999.
All Rights Reserved.

The above picture was created in Adobe Photoshop 4. I think that it goes without saying that the poor little knight is going to be in a BIG world of hurt. :)
This site is dedicated to all of the young aspiring artists that are having a hard time finding the recognition that they deserve.
If you are one of those artists, and feel the same way, know that there is always hope. The hope is this...create your own webpage and flaunt it for all it is worth.

Note: Please excuse the size of the images. I do not, as of yet, know how to create sub-pages here, nor do I understand how to link thumbnails to their larger partners. Thank you for your patience.


If you wish to have your art displayed on this site,
please mail me at the address found below.

The stuff you came to see.

Note: these pages have some large pics,
so they might take some time...get a coffee.

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