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Hi! This is a page for all sisters and brothers of kids with special needs. My name is Jamie. I am 15 years old and my brother Gary is 12. He has autism. Gary is my only sibling aside from my baby sister, so autism really is what I've grown up with and all I know how to live with. So many times I've wanted someone to talk to about it, but as you probably know, autism is not the most common problem and there were very few kids my age who knew what I lived with. My parents were great about this and they still are...but, they haven't been a sibling of someone like Gary, and a parent isn't quite the same thing. Recently I've been looking on the net for websites about autism but most were full of facts and information. Not that that wasn't helpful, it was great, but it lacked what I was looking for. Some websites were made by parents and that was better, more personal, and to hear their stories was nice. But still I couldn't really find one for a sibling, by a sibling. That's what I'm trying to do now and I hope this page helps you. Thanks for visiting and please check out all this may help a lot. Forever a friend,


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