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Pictures of Gary

Gary's 8th birthday. He loves chocolate cake, and he loves blowing out the candles even more. His favorite part though is the "Happy Birthday" song. It's cute to hear him singing it to himself!

Gary and my dad at the beach near our house. This is one of the greatest pictures I have, all sihouetted and everything. My brother is so calm during a sunset, I wish it would never end!

Another thing he loves -- playing in the snow. (Convenient, since the snow never seems to melt here in Maine!)

My brother is addicted to Troll dolls. He has names for every single one and builds houses for them with his blocks. He even makes up plays with them sometimes, or uses them to act out a movie.

The other thing Gary loves is Hot Wheels cars. He owns hundreds. He uses them like the Trolls. He makes little parking garages out of blocks, and he even has parking lots drawn on cardboard. He'll spend hours arranging them just right.

This is from a trip to an amusement park about 3 years ago. Most of the rides are terrifying for him, but he loves the playhouses. It took a while for him to trust this bridge, but he finally went across.

This is from the same trip. Gary miraculously agreed to take a ride with me in a bumper car!

Gary's loves ice cream! I think it runs in the family :-)

Gary and I on our confirmation day. He hated the formal clothes, but he loved the ceremony and was very proud to be confirmed. I had a great time too!

Me and Gary is a canoe on Kidney Pond. This was his first ride ever in a canoe -- he's always been too afraid!

Me at Baxter State Park, a few hours north of where we live. We come up here in the summer and rent a cabin on Kidney Pond. It's sooo nice up there!

Me, Gary and my dad on our last day at Baxter this past summer.