Mark Cavazos, the Mind and Creator of Neurotic Carousel has officially gone SOLO. Now to take this project into a whole different direction. Mostly in a preferable position of working. To extend portrayal of The Carousel's artistic and creative concepts to implify exteriors, offering a further flowing depth in natural capacity. Allowing the Neurosis affect to take forth with a sharper focus for inception. (2018-2021)

MARK CAVAZOS PERSONAL NOTE: "I appreciate all those whom have worked with me along the way. You know who you are deep down. Many thanks for those years! At this point, being alone and staying reclusive is possibly the best way I do art and music now. Greatest regards to all the past NC members and those great moments. Slowly but surely, eventually in the future new progress and music material will surface. If anyone is still interested? Or even cares? Thank you. Many thanks, for those that supported. Keep posted. -2017" Updated

Mark Cavazos - Vocals / Guitars / Keyboards + Piano / Programming / 70's Vintage Bontempi Electric Magnus Chord Organ / Other Sounds


That is all, for now.


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