Neurotic Carousel Photo Album

"...Beneath the shrouds of walls beyond the realms, lies a tainted room, with a Carousel music box playing a hypnotic melody, dead antiques staring if they were begging to be awaken from their nightmare..."

Meaning of the Name: Project-Neurotic dealing with the unstable movement of the mind...the mind being a connection with "its" own philosophy of generated thoughts...held back...almost shown as a psychological darker-side of itself. Our intentions and concepts of this project, is to create a Spectrum of Music that expresses the attributes of the mind and thoughts in artistic expression.




Carousel Members:


Mark Cavazos, the Mind and Creator of Neurotic Carousel.



New Photo Gallery- Mark Cavazos Solo [ Current 2017-2022 ]



2012-2013 Band Lineup: - PHOTOS


Halloween Performance 2005

Halloween Performance (2005)

Jenni (Close-up)

Mark (Close-Up)

Halloween Performance (2005)



Halloween Performance (2005)


Past Members Include:

Matthew Trevino-Piano / Acoustic Guitar / Programs / Keyboards (2007)

Jenni Ramirez-Female Vocals (2005)

Aj Ramirez-Lead Guitar (2008)


Neurotic Carousel Promo Shots:


"Faint Whispers, Behind Glass" Inverted Promos (2006)

"Faint Whispers, Behind Glass" Promo Photo (2006)

"........" (2006) Photograph taken by Mark.





--2006 Photo Gallery. Photographs taken back in 2006-2005.


2006 Gallery: Click Here

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