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Within minutes of the new official Prodigy website being launched, forums and chat rooms were bombarded with questions about a mysterious 9 digit code that presumably opens up a new part of the website. 

No-one has been able to crack the code yet, and if they have they're not telling anyone. I have set up this site to inform people what I have discovered about the code so far. Anyone who contributes a useful piece of information will be told what the code is once it is cracked. I will not publish the code on the web. E-mail any info to with the header 'Prodigy Code'. Please make sure you use the header 'Prodigy Code' because I get LOADS of junk mail in this account and I delete most of it straight away. Also, please don't send email simply saying 'can I have the code'. I don't have it yet!!


7.8.02 Well, I'm back from holiday. Came back with Baby's Got A Temper and just had to do a spot of remixing. The loop of my mix is playing in the background. I'll post it up on Juge's if I ever finish it. The holiday made me realise I spend way too much time on the internet and watching TV and trying to crack silly little codes!

7.8.02 I had a few e-mails which I read briefly and seem to have disappeared. Sorry to all the people who emailed. If I didn't reply to your e-mail just send it again if you want. It's all AOL's fault. 

25.7.02 If you can see the Avril Lavigne 'ad above, don't bother clicking on it. She is cack.

25.7.02 I'm off on holiday tomorrow, so no updates for about a week. You can still send me emails, but don't expect a reply until I get back. 

25.7.02 I have a new theory as to how the code is worked out, relating to my previous major discovery.

24.7.02 This site is becoming quite popular, so I thought I'd jazz it up a bit. Did you notice?

24.7.02 Evans and Steady, from chat have the code, but they are not telling! They already knew the first three numbers (see below) and so wrote down all possible combinations of 6 numbers! I've started doing this too, although I would still like an explanation of the code, even if I find it this way. Congratulations to Evans and Steady for being the first two people to crack the code!

24.7.02 Apparently the first 3 letters of the code are confirmed as being '824', the code is just 9 numbers long and '0' is not a part of the code. This leaves 6 more numbers to work out with a possible 720 combinations, although I'm not sure if this number is accurate as I worked out 5 numbers as giving 720 combinations. Can anyone verify this? I worked it out this way. I've been hunting around, trying to find the numbers '824' with anything to do with the Prodigy. I discovered that Break and Enter from Music for the Jilted Generation is exactly 8:24 long! I think this may be a major discovery.

23.7.02 I've discovered that if you open with the weird bar in another window, the new loop should play. For some reason the loop repeats too fast on my computer and only plays properly if you right click on the page! No-one else has mentioned this, so it might just be my computer. It seems the new loop replaces the original background noise, rather than the old music loop.

22.7.02 It just gets weirder and weirder! Phil, from chat room discovered that after the weird line (see below) has loaded, a file is saved in your Temporary Internet Files folder called Planet1.dcr. Some people have managed to load this file from their browser, which results in the whole webpage reloading with a new background loop! Many people, including myself, were unable to load the file so Phil has kindly donated an mp3 of the loop.

21.7.02 If you double click under the picture in the black area this weird bar loads up. What the fuck is going on? Thanks to Evans from chat for finding this. Thanks to jyri_k for the picture.


20.7.02 If you click a certain spot on the Lock and Load page loop number 8 plays. Look at the image below to see where to click. Thanks to Astralboy15 for this info. What could this mean?


Facts About the Code

Each number represents a loop taken from the Prodigy track Mindfields from their Fat of the Land album. The loops play in the order you 'typed' them when you hit Enter. More info.

Before the input screen loads, text flashes on the screen saying 'get ready with your 9 digit number. You can actually type up to 10 different digits as '0' can be used. 

You can re-use the same digit as many times as you want, however each Mindfields loop is different suggesting you have to use a combination of different numbers.

The input bar fills up with 10 digits but you can type in an 11th digit after that. You cannot see the digit but the 'beep' sounds when you type it in. What could the 11th number be?

Various strings of numbers appear in the same Missile section that the Lock and Load code is in. More info.

Just before the loops start playing after you've finished your code a submarine type 'beep' noise sounds. The beep normally sounds twice but sounds once when some codes are typed in. More info.

Other Theories