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Anode to Leviathan

Released December 19th 2011


01 In the Semetary
02 On a Winter's Night
03 The Celtic Song *
04 Up in the Hills
05 Daemon Mystherium
06 All Hail the Sat-Tan
07 Nacht und Nebel
08 Pillar Point
09 Evil's Birth
10 Anode to Leviathan

Features Contributions From:

Tamara Picardo, Chris Warhead
Kvathairein, Mark Dubanowski
Satanic Tony & Amoniath

*Also featuring:
Elder Beltane Lineup (1994-1999)

Xanataph, Dyrkyn & Thyiendalen

$20 NZ PayPal/Credit Card (plus p&h)

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