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C.D. Release Ordering Information


How to obtain Beltane's CD Releases

Credit or Debit card

This is the easiest way. Just click on the PayPal icon below or beside each Release either on this site or go to Satanica, our record label. A page at PayPal will then open up, which you simply whack in your credit card details into....& BAM! A CD is on it's way to you! But we are assuming that you came to this page because you DON'T have a credit card! So the following options are possible.

Charge Card

This is the way we recommend. 'Charge Cards' or 'Pressie Cards' are simply rechargable stored value cards, just like phone cards except they work like credit cards. Get one ov these and you can simply order as if you had a credit card. You can get them from 'Postal Agencies', Post Offices, some department stores etc. Or even ask at your bank. Visa do one, but there are others. Many you can re-charge & then re-use over & over.

Mailing Cash or Cheque

Place the cash in in envelope, best to be hidden by wrapping in a piece ov paper (or an old greeting card is ideal too). If you are using a cheque this is not needed. Include your return address...well that's obvious innit? heh & also your email could be handy.

Send to:-
c/- 94 North Road
Nelson 7001
New Zealand

Even though we are now based in the Manawatu region, this is STILL our mailing address!!

Prices for ordering this way are currently:-
Album length releases $20NZD
EP length releases $15NZD

Postage is free to EVERYWHERE You can pay in whatever currency is easiest for you. Just make it a note amount the closest to the actual NZD amount, because it's not a good idea to send coins.

Purchasing from Record (& other) Stores

Stores in New Zealand...see our Myspace Blog regarding this...
This list is not always up to date, but you can always message us & ask!


"I heard PayPal is dodgy..."
*That's pure bullshit! PayPal is a sweet-as way to pay & just as safe as any other credit card payment service.

"I want to send cash from overseas, not from Aussie or New Zealand. How much do I have to pay?"
Just use an online currency convertor to find out, or if you're stuck email us:
We'll accept just about any currency, but prefer from overseas USD, EURO or Pound Sterling. But by all means, if it's Yen etc you have, send that!

"What exactly are these Seasonal Releases? Are they Albums or Demos?"
*Neither! What we are offering is a periodical release ov our Music, much like a magazine. This flies in the face ov traditional ideas ov band product release & we are proud ov that! We have harnessed the mighty power ov the Wheel Ov The Year to impart Pagan / Satanic essences into our Music & our Releases that truly makes a difference. With our CD's you can watch our band grow, evolve, progress from season to season, year to year. It's a good way to help get in touch with the Life forces ov the Sat-Tan. So therefore they are neither albums or demos, but a way for us to much more personally connect with our audience. They are usually an EP or MCD in length, at least four tracks, but some are longer. Some also contain varied CD Rom content in addition to the audio tracks.

"I've seen alot ov bands offer their CDs online for $5US and that's for a whole album, your releases seem a bit expensive. Why is that?"
*They offer their CD's cheap because no-one wants them. Quite frankly most ov these bands are rubbish. They create generic music, pandering to a tighly defined genre that they are simply fan-boys ov. Beltane's Music is TRUE SATANIC ART, & has much more class.
You have to pay for quality, but it's always worth it. If you're reading this you've probably listened to enough ov our Mp3's to know if you like Beltane or not. The Mp3's only scratch the surface, you'll see much more into the depths ov Beltane if you purchase the CD's. Our music is quite varied, from Industrial to Gothic to Black-Fuckin-Metal! Think ov a classy band like Celtic Frost, whose style varies from song to song, album to album yet always retains it's character ov what it is. We don't nescessarily put our "best tracks" up as Mp3's, rather we choose the one that perhaps best sums up that particuar release, but this can be difficult with an eclectic band such as Beltane, or perhaps it's for personal reasons, such as the track "Her Spring Eyes". Anyway $15 NZ is less expensive anyway compared to imported (& some local) MCD length releases in the stores & on many online bedroom distros. Yes, ov course it makes us money, but then we are a True Satanic band, not the salvation army!!!!!

"You say that your music is Satanic, but other bands are this way inclined too, & many alot more 'darker'!"
*Hah! We are Truly Satanic! i.e. it is REAL Satanism. These so-called "dark & brutal" bands merely serve up the same fairytale christian-defined-devil-story shite that's been around since the 80's. We're living in a new age now! Our Satanic themes +ve empowering ones, & alot more dangerous to boot!! Darkness for darkness' sake gets quite tedious & is really depression... And who wants that??
Beltane's art is crafted by genuine Satanic Warlocks & Witches & so it transfers on this energy to it's listeners. It is not a haphazard thing, it is deliberately cultivated. It is designed to raise power and awareness, & does so remarkably. It has all the groovy, compelling elements anyone would require but it is definitely NOT "yippy, skippy, hippy" gaiety. The darkness in Beltane comes directly from Occult Forces & appears dark because ov it's depth. What is sung about in Beltane's music is actually practiced by it's members as an ongoing partaking ov the Living-Continuim.
Our main tracks ov each Seasonal Release are recorded on the Solstices & Equinoxes as part ov a Ritual to that season & to the Life-Forces ov the Sat-Tan. Other tracks on the releases are recorded on other significant days such as the Cross-Quarter days, Cross-8th days and major moon phases to name but a few. Our music is a fist in the face ov the demiurge (that gay-ass cris'tin non-god, jehovah), supporting Beltane is supporting the movement against this spirit-enslaving nonsense. Now how much more "Evil" & "Brutal" than that can you be? ;)

"What say I have a question that you haven't answered here?"
*Well, if it's regarding more knowledge into the songs, the Seasonal Process & Spiritual Elements themselves you can check out the Seasonal Elite page which goes into greater details about what goes into our Releases. If it's more regarding the purchase ov our physical products (CD's) you can email us or message us through Myspace. Either way, make the Subject ov the message "Seasonal Release NAFAQ".