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Black Mesa Pipeline Fined for Slurry Spill - Arizona Daily Sun - 17 OCT 2004
   A company operating a 273-mile-long pipeline transporting coal slurry from Kayenta to Laughlin, Nev., again faces hefty fines for spilling 2,300 wet tons of slurry.
   The latest fine of $27,500 is the amount stipulated in a consent decree between the state and the pipeline company reached in 2001 to pay for previous spills....
Peabody Gets $20M for Power Plant: New facility near Grants to employ as many as 250
Gallup Independent - 15 OCT 2004
   WINDOW ROCK — The federal Energy Department announced in Santa Fe Thursday afternoon a grant of almost $20 million to Peabody Energy for a new ultra-low emissions coal-fired power plant near Grants.
   Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham announced the $19.7 million Clean Coal Power Initiative grant will be to demonstrate for the first time on a commercial scale new technology to achieve the super-low emissions of nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide....
Peabody Energy is Already Established in Grants Area - Gallup Independent - 15 OCT 2004
   WINDOW ROCK — Peabody Energy, the world's largest private coal company, already has a major presence in the Grants area with the Lee Ranch Mine, about 35 miles northwest of Grants.
   The mine employs about 250 workers and injects more than $70 million a year into the local economy through wages, benefits, taxes and vendor contracts, according to the company's Flagstaff-based press officer, Beth Sutton.... is launching a voter rights page to protect America's right to vote. 
   If you believe your right or the rights of others in your community are being denied, send the information here: We will get the TruthOut.
Kildee Claims Bill Amendment 'Breaks Promise' - Indian Country Today - 15 OCT 2004
   SACRAMENTO, Calif.—The United States House of Representatives approved a Republican- sponsored amendment that would waive the laws protecting American Indian sacred sites in the construction of a security barrier just south of San Diego on the U.S./Mexico border.
   The amendment passed the House of Representatives by a 256 to 160 vote and seeks to waive several federal laws governing construction along the last three miles of the proposed 14-mile security barrier including the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) and the National Historic Preservation Act. In all 215 of 221 Republicans in the House voted for the amendment....
Rough Homecoming: Wounded Navajo Soldier Faces New Challenges with Army Bureaucracy
Navajo Times - 15 OCT 2004
   ALBUQUERQUE - After Army Sgt. Terrell Dawes, 22, settled into a wheelchair, he looked around, smiled and said it was great to see Indians again.
   Dawes and his mother, Vesta James, returned from San Antonio, Texas, Oct. 6, where Dawes was treated for wounds at the Brooks Military Army Hospital from Sept. 10 to 17.
   The Army awarded Dawes a Purple Heart on Sept. 8 but failed to arrange for wheelchair assistance or give him pain medication....
GOP Paid Firm Faces Voter Fraud Charge - The San Jose Mercury News - 14 OCT 2004
Ex-worker says he saw Demos' forms trashed.
Democrats in Nevada charged in a lawsuit Wednesday that a company paid by the Republican National Committee destroyed voter-registration forms they had collected from Democratic voters.
   Similar allegations have surfaced in Oregon and West Virginia, where the group has been active.
   The Nevada allegations were reported Tuesday night by KLAS-TV in Las Vegas about Eric Russell, a former employee of the Republican-funded group, Voters Outreach of America, which also goes by the names America Votes and Project America Votes....
Voter Fraud Alleged - Las Vegas Review Journal - 14 OCT 2004
Group accused of trashing Democrats' registration forms.
   Federal and state authorities are looking into Democratic Party allegations that a voter registration group hired by the Republican Party tossed out registration forms signed by Democrats.
   The FBI and state officials are reviewing comments by Eric Russell, a former employee of Voter Outreach of America, who claims to have witnessed supervisors throwing away Democrats' voter registration forms....
KGW Report Prompts Oregon Voter Fraud Investigation - KGW News & AP - 14 OCT 2004
   Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury and Attorney General Hardy Myers said Wednesday they plan to investigate allegations uncovered by KGW that paid canvassers in Portland may have destroyed voter registration forms.
   "I have never in my five years as secretary of state ever seen an allegation like the one that came up tonight - ever," Bradbury said of a KGW report that aired Tuesday night on NewsChannel 8 at 11. "I mean, frankly, it just totally offends me that someone would take someone else's registration and throw it out."
   KGW interviewed Mike Johnson, 20, a canvasser collecting signatures in downtown Portland, who said he was instructed to only accept Republican registration forms. He told a KGW reporter that he "might" destroy forms turned in by Democrats since he was being paid by the Republican party....
Orange County Elections: Builder Money Floods Dana Point - LA Times - 13 OCT 2004
   Developers form spending committees to back council candidates. The tactic is legal, but critics say local politics has been hijacked.
   For the second time in two years, developers are pouring money into the city elections in Dana Point, where low-key campaigning and modest political war chests had been the norm.
   This year, two South County developers have formed independent expenditure committees to buy campaign signs and banners in support of two incumbent council candidates and mail brochures attacking a third....
Denver Police Arrest 245 for Blocking Columbus Day Parade - Brenda Norrell - 14 OCT 2004
DENVER—Calling it a ''Convoy of Conquest,'' American Indian Movement members and their allies, including Western Shoshone Carrie Dann, blocked the Columbus Day Parade in a protest of the Colorado holiday that represents genocide and the theft of homelands for indigenous people in the Americas.
   "America continues to fight the 'Indian wars' and one expression of that is Columbus Day," AIM organizer Glenn Morris told Indian Country Today.
   Protesters focused on exposing the root of genocide in America as they were arrested for blocking the path of the Sons of Italy's Columbus Day  Parade  of  bikers,   limos,   and  semi-trucks. Denver police arrested 245 people, including 44 juveniles....
Columbus Day: Celebrating a Holocaust - Indian Country Today - 14 OCT 2004
   DENVER—While Americans celebrate Columbus Day, American Indians remember one little toddler who played on the quiet banks of Sand Creek, until the morning in 1864 when the American soldiers came.
   ''Then, as one of the cavalrymen later told it, while his compatriots were slaughtering and mutilating the bodies of all the women and all the children they could catch, he spotted the boy trying to flee,'' wrote David Stannard in ''American Holocaust.''
   ''There was one little child, probably three years old, just big enough to walk through the sand,'' wrote a Calvary man....
Denver Columbus Day Protest on International Terror Watch List - Brenda Norrell - 14 OCT 2004
   Where is Marlon Brando when you need him?
   DENVER - The Denver Columbus Day protest and an article from Indian Country Today were placed on an international terrorist watch list, just one day after American Indians and supporters blocked the Columbus Day parade.
   The global terrorist ''Security Watch'' listed the Afghan vote, Iraq rebels, Pakistan violence, Bosnian Serbs and Australian politics as the top five risks for Oct. 10.
   ''Native Americans Protest Columbus Day,'' was number six and even beat out ''Russia, Iran close to deal on spent nuclear fuel.''
   The terrorist security watch article appeared after American Indians and their supporters held a peaceful protest in downtown Denver and blocked the Columbus Day Parade on Oct. 9. Denver police arrested, charged and released 205 adults and 25 children, with no incidences of violence....
Efforts Revived to Save Black Mesa [Mine]: Agreement May Come by February
Gallup Independent - 14 OCT 2004
   More Peabody-BIA propaganda to justify its endless greed and total disregard for the lives and welfare of Indigenous Americans. Al Swilling, SENAA International....
Next President Must Fix Indian Trust Fiasco - Albuquerque Journal Editorial - 14 OCT 2004
   Lawyers representing half a million American Indians in a class-action lawsuit against the federal government paid a visit to Navajo country last week.
   Their case, Cobell v. Norton, seeks to untangle the monumental disgrace that the federal government's trust obligation to American Indians has become. The litigation aims to force the government to repay those who have been cheated, and equally significant, reform the system for good.
   Beyond rallying the Nageezi beneficiaries who stand to collect if this 8-year-old lawsuit ultimately succeeds, lead lawyer Dennis Gingold and co-counsel Keith Harper carried with them a political message....
   Whoever takes office next year should resolve to pursue reform, preferably one that gives tribes the option of assuming this obligation from a government that has made mockery of the notion of trust....
Pushing to Be Counted in Florida - Washington Post - 13 OCT 2004
Groups say that blacks may not be heard at polls.
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Nearly a dozen African American ministers and civil rights leaders walked into the Duval County election office here, television cameras in tow, with a list of questions: How come there were not more early voting sites closer to black neighborhoods? How come so many blacks were not being allowed to redo incomplete voter registrations? Who was deciding all this?
   Standing across the office counter under a banner that read "Partners in Democracy" was the man who made those decisions, election chief Dick Carlberg. Visibly angry, the Republican explained why he decided the way he had: "We call it the law."...
onference Looks at Low-grade Coal - Billings Gazette - 13 OCT 2004
   Western coal can play a major role in the country's energy future, a Department of Energy (DOE) official told a gathering at a coal conference Tuesday in Billings.
   "We need Western coal,'' said Rita Bajura, director of DOE's National Energy Technology Laboratory.
   Bajura was the opening speaker at the "Western Fuels Symposium: 19th International Conference on Lignite, Brown and Subbituminous Coals" being held at the Holiday Inn Grand Montana. The conference runs through Thursday.
   Sen. Conrad Burns, R-Mont., was the luncheon speaker.
   The conference is examining the role of low-rank coals - like lignite, brown and subbituminous coals - which have a lower heat content because they have less carbon, higher moisture and greater impurities than other types of coals. Lignite coals are widespread in Eastern Montana and western North Dakota....
CAP Water Settlement Gets Senate OK - Arizona Daily Star - 12 OCT 2004
   The U.S. Senate has approved legislation to resolve a long-standing dispute over how much Arizona owes the federal government for construction of the enormous canal system that moves Colorado River water to the state's thirsty central and southern cities.
   The bill also settles Indian water rights, some of which have been in dispute for decades.
   "It's the biggest water settlement in the history of the United States," Sen. Jon Kyl said Monday of the bill passed by the Senate on Sunday. The House is expected to vote on the measure after the November election....
Casino Card Played in Burial-Site Fight - L.A. TImes - 11 OCT 2004
Boosters of a San Juan school say Juaneños oppose an expansion plan so a casino can be built. One faction calls the move a 'fear tactic.'
   The question has been lurking for years: Do Juaneño Indians want to build a casino on land leased by a Roman Catholic high school in San Juan Capistrano?
   They would have to negotiate difficult bureaucratic hoops to develop a casino â€" assuming they want to get into the gambling business.
   But the casino possibility is being raised by boosters of Junipero Serra High School to call into question Juaneño Indians' opposition to the school's expansion plans.
   Members of the tribe are fighting the $75-million plans to build athletic fields and a performing arts complex on their ancestors' graves. The 29-acre site, the Indians say, is better suited for a cultural center....
Gathering Opposes Nuclear Waste Storage - Deseret Morning News - 10 OCT 2004
   SKULL VALLEY, Tooele County — Fighting sandstorms, wind and rain, representatives of environmental groups from Utah and other states gathered this weekend on the Goshute Indian Reservation here to oppose plans to store nuclear waste.
   Private Fuel Storage (PFS), a corporation that represents eight nuclear utilities, has contracted with the Goshutes to store 40,000 tons of nuclear waste in above ground canisters on the reservation, located about 75 miles southwest of Salt Lake City.
   But some tribe members and dozens of environmental groups vehemently oppose bringing waste into the state....
NIIP Splits Navajos, Domenici - Farmington Daily-Times - 10 OCT 2004
   WINDOW ROCK, Ariz.—The Navajo Nation Council’s Resources Committee appears headed for a showdown with U.S. Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., over the cost of the $1.2 billion proposed Navajo water rights settlement agreement on the San Juan Basin.
   The committee, headed by Chairman Delegate George Arthur, wants to keep $372.8 million in federal funding for the Navajo Indian Irrigation Project in the settlement.
   Domenici and U.S. Sen. Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M., however, want NIIP taken out of the settlement to help lower its overall cost....
NAGPRA Under Attack - Kimberly Teehee - PRESS RELEASE - 08 OCT 2004
Republican sponsored amendment passes house–waives federal requirements that protect Native American human remains, cultural items, and sacred sites
Washington, D.C.—Today, the House of Representatives passed an amendment by a vote of 256-160, with 215 of 221 Republicans voting for the amendment that could lead to the desecration and destruction of Native American human remains, cultural items and sacred sites in the San Diego, California area. This provision will be included in the H.R. 10 - 9/11 Recommendations Implementation Act....
Bush Thinks America has Nailed the Final Nail on the Coffin of Indigenous History in the US
UAP -  N. AZ - 10 OCT 2004
   The deadline for the Navajo-Hopi Indian Relocation Commission to evict all remaining Dineh residents of the so called, "HPL," was to have taken place in July of 1986. In April of that year, the Big Mountain resistance movement held the 6th Annual Spring Survival Gathering where the late matriarch, Roberta Blackgoat, spoke to the Women's circle. She said, "I don't know what our future holds. We will certainly stay on our lands but someday the federal government will declare Us history. They will take all the elements of our history and put them in a glass case. We must not let that happen. Our religion and ways should never be locked up in some museum and that the indigenous world is declared something of the past."...
Pandering to Corporations, Drilling Sacred Lands of the West - Brenda Norrell - 01 OCT 2004
   ALBUQUERQUE – Sacred lands of the West became further endangered as the Bush administration pressed for approval of a record number of new oil and gas drilling permits in the West, targeting unspoiled pristine wildernesses, including the Rocky Mountain region.
   The Environmental Working Group, a consumer watchdog group, released a comprehensive report of oil and gas leases in the West, showing many American Indian sacred places have been targeted.
   Other sites, never been reclaimed from mining, already have trails of uranium tailings, scarred lands, tainted waterways and foul air....
Calif. Bill Will Give Tribes More Protection Over Sacred Sites - 01 OCT 2004
   Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Thursday signed a bill that will give American Indian tribes more protection over their sacred sites on public land, allowing them to buy property and shield it from development.
   Tribes praised the decision and said it was a victory in a battle to preserve cultural resources.
   The bill, which becomes effective March 1 and extends to both federally recognized and unrecognized tribes, also requires local governments to notify tribes about possible future development....
NUCLEAR WASTE: Congress Stuck on Yucca Mountain - Las Vegas Review-Journal - 01 OCT 2004
   WASHINGTON -- Unable to break a stalemate over Yucca Mountain funding for next year, Congress has decided to put off the fight until after Election Day.
   Lawmakers might receive a signal from voters whether to continue developing a nuclear waste repository in Nevada or to scrap the project, depending on who they elect as president, analysts said....
NAMA AlaskaFest NAMMY Winners Showcase 23 OCT 2004  - NAMA - 03 OCT 2004
   There have been a lot of developments lately regarding Putiidhem. I'm going to try to summarize all that has happened recently.
   For those who don't know, Putiidhem is a sacred site in San Juan Capistrano. The Catholic high school, which is located nearby (JSERRA), wants to build a sports center on this land, not recognizing it to be what it is, the Mother Village of the Acjachemen, the original inhabitants of Orange County. There are also ancestors buried there....
Peabody Coal Mine Timeline - Arizona Daily Sun - 28 MAR 2004
   1970 -- Southern California Edison and Peabody Energy sign 35-year coal supply agreement, set to expire Dec. 31, 2005.
   1998 -- Grand Canyon Trust leads environmental groups in lawsuit against Southern California Edison over emissions problems at Mohave Generating Station.
   1999 -- The Trust and Edison reach an out-of-court settlement, Edison agrees to have emissions controls in place by Jan. 1, 2006.
   2001 -- Amid concerns over Peabody's use of the N-aquifer for providing to the coal slurry line, the company releases a study that shows no significant harm to the aquifer....









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The abuse of power, accommodating unlimited greed which in turn is destroying the lives of tens of thousands Traditional American Indians as it is revealed in "Vanishing Prayer" and many personal accounts has lead to the founding of SENAA-Europe.

As director of SENAA-Europe and member of SENAA-International's Executive Council, I am dedicated to help found chapters of the Southeastern Native American Alliance in as many European Countries as possible. 

These chapters should become centers of knowledge and education about the American Indian and the voice of those who are threatened in their way of life, their freedom of religion, and their heritage.

For all of humanity,
for all our relations.

Fred Buma, Amsterdam, October 10, 1999. 


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SENAA exists to address specific Native American concerns and to foster understanding among Native Americans and other races through cultural education and good will.

SENAA was founded by Indigenous Americans for the purpose of helping to protect and preserve the cultures, heritage, and religious liberty of all Indigenous American nations and individuals. SENAA also advocates the human rights and recognition of Indigenous people worldwide.

Briefly stated, our purposes are to:

  • Be a voice (one of many) for Native Americans and Native American concerns outside tribal boundaries;

  • Secure for Native Americans of all nations the same human rights and religious liberty enjoyed by other races under the United Nations, the  U.S. Constitution, the Equal Rights Amendment, and local and state laws;

  • Raise funds, when needed, to help Native American individuals, families, and communities; and for special restoration, preservation, and reburial projects.

  • Provide a Native American voice in social and environmental issues;

  • Locate Native American burial sites and help secure the same protection for them that the law provides for the graves of other races; returning them, when possible, to the care of their tribal descendants; and

  • Invoke, where applicable, the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA).

SENAA is proud to be of service to the people it was created to benefit; and we welcome the help and participation of dedicated people and organizations worldwide who advocate the human, civil, and constitutional rights of Indigenous Americans.

SENAA International

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