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I know it's been absolutely forever since I've updated but I'm finally starting to get in the swing of things again. Stanley Climbfall has just hit stores and things are picking up for Lifehouse again as well. Keep coming back cause I've got tons to do for you guys! Thanks so much for the support!

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Lifehouse is:
Jason Wade
Sergio Andrade
Rick Woolstenhulme
Sean Woolstenhulme
Make sure you vote for "Spin" on TRL: or Call them at 1-800-DIAL-MTV.
Welcome to Lifehouse Web! Lifehouse has just come out with their second CD, Stanley Climbfall, and I'm sure you'll all love it! If you aren't familiar with who they are, check out the Bio page. I will be updating frequently, so check out the updates, too. Look around, sign my guestbook (please), and email me with any comments or suggestions.

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Please bear with me, as this site is under construction for a few minor adjustments. :)
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