Sultry weather didn't deter 2 Broads with Alotta Sound from giving their best during a lunchtime concert in West Capital Park"
Times Union,  July 2002

--I asked myself-- "How entertaining can two people be?"  But these ladies made the audience feel as though they were a part of the concert! The interaction was WONDERFUL and the sound UNBELIEVABLE!!!" Gloria Fonda, Rensselaer Concert Series

".......the Musical Journey  Through Love showcased in our community room was one of the most entertaining events and nicely performed programs of the season......"

                                                                                    Greg Rucinski
                                                                                    William K. Sanford Library

"....this great duo played at our summer party and made the event a wonderful dancing and listening experience.  We were totally satisfied and would recommend them anytime."

                                                                                       Stephanie Tempel, Latham, NY

"....people actually applauded for cocktail hour entertainment! Unheard of! Well worth your time to give them an audition"                                             

                                                                                      Cap Capello, DJ

"2 Broads with Alotta Sound" Voted into METROLANDS BEST OF 2000

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