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  "Q"- Quency Rene  &  Diane Geddes 



These ladies are one of the Capital Region's most  ENTERTAINING  and  VERSATILE  musical duos,  that can cover any event !

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A musical duo performing computer-enhanced live music, Quency Rene ("Q"), vocal  entertainer and  Diane Geddes on keyboard, have been joyously collaborating for over 10 years.   The pair delights in presenting music from all eras, in styles ranging through jazz, blues, country, pop, and beyond.  Variety is the hallmark of their fun-filled eclectic-electric performance.  Other instruments, such as guitar and sax, can be added to create a larger musical experience.

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                         CD RELEASE                   
Q and Diane  have also collaborated on some exciting original tunes and plan on releasing a CD in  2008.  They have played some of their original music live on WAMC's Performance Place, radio 80.3, the Don Weeks show on WGY, and Jimmy Barrets Kaleidoscope on 104.9 FM. They are also members of the Just Plain Folks Music Association, and appeared as guests on WAMCs 'Cabaret Central' radio show.


        Local 14 ,   Albany Musicians Association

2004-2008 Members of the ACCVB  


"A Musical Journey Through New York"

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   Get  on  board  for  an  imaginary  tour  bus  ride.  This one hour musicale features songs and commentary about New York City.    Your  tour  guide  is  "Q", and your bus driver is "Diane the Destroyer".   The itinerary takes us through parts of Manhattan.  We travel Broadway, 42nd Street, and other famous streets.  Every now and then, you might even meet a character or two associated with the city.

"A Musical Journey Thru the U.S.A.

Climb aboard the "2 Broads" imaginary tour bus.  This time "The Broads" are taking you on a wild and wooly tour of these great United State of America.  The tour's destination is the west coast.  The weather will determine if we take the Northern route or the Southern route or a little of both.  We will definitely be departing from New York.  We might pass through to "Oklahoma", or "Dixie" or "Chicago" on our way to "Californ..i..a".  Dispatch will map it out for us.  Come on along and be surprised, along with your Tour Guide, "Q", and you Bus Driver, "Diane the Destroyer".  The bus is magic, so a good time will be had by all.


       " A Musical Jaunt Through the Moon and the Stars "   

         Romantic Songs that are out of this world   

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          "..2 Broads with Alotta Sound are Alotta Fun!!"                                C. Robie Booth - Swingtime Magazine      

2 Broads with Alotta Sound is a very entertaining group.  Their change of hats and   wigs  was a very entertaining act to go along with strong vocals and music.  A "MUST SEE" show...."Ginger Miller, Director - Hilton Center for Performing Arts-

"....You girls are fun together.  I liked the range of Q's singing...shades of Clooney, Holiday, Garland...I even heard a hint of Tina Turner, my inspiration.  Dianes playing is great, too-I love jazz piano..".
Pam Broiles-Concerts on the Green, Wells, NY

"....As a Director of Activities, I am always seeking performance artists who offer quality entertainment. 2 Broads with Alotta Sound surely delivers. Vocalist 'Q' possesses superb showmanship, a great voice, a gift for interacting with her audience, and a comedic flair that delights. Don't hesitate to book these two." Donna Dodd-Thomas-Activities Director                                             


FOR INFORMATION -- Call  Diane Geddes (518) 489-7652  or 'Q' (518) 235-9980  or  email  alottasound@hotmail.com 
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