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Sam and Janet

By Kiva

Continued Passage    New!

Summary: A moment of understanding after the trauma of 'Rite of Passage'. Pre-slash.


Rating: PG-13

Summary: Sam went through a traumatic time.....did she leave the trauma at the Gate? Or did it follow her home? Pre-slash.

Finally Touching, by Kiva

Summary: It's been almost a year since their first meeting...but has something changed between Sam and Janet? Sequel to Emancipation.


Rating: G

Summary: Sam's off world and it's brought home to Janet that the universe is a potentially dangerous place.

By MajelB

An Army of Me

Rating: PG-13

Summary: With Sam and Teal'c lost off-world, Colonel O'Neill enlists Janet's help in finding them. Team a/a.


Rating: R

Summary: Just a little role reversal... Sam waits for Janet to come home.

The Talk

Rating: PG

Summary: Two pages, three people, and the fallout of Jack's forced confession. A D&C Epilogue.

What's Been Missing

Rating: PG

Summary: In the throes of exhaustion and depression, Sam finds a beacon of light. First time.

By Devra and MajelB


Pairings: Jack/Daniel, Sam/Janet, established relationship 

Rating: PG-13 

Summary: A little downtime for the hardworking guys and gals of the SGC.

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