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Newest Additions

Updated September 15, 2003


Table Stories

Stories from the Table: Found, by Debi C (J/D)


Sensory Overload, by JoaG

Summary: Daniel is found unresponsive, and isn't able to tell them what happened due to sensory overload.

ZeroGrav, by JoaG

Summary: Fun for the boys in Zero Gravity.

Random Act, by Darcy

Summary: Jack tries to comfort a guilt ridden Daniel.

Thanks Be to the Ancestors, by Darcy

Summary: Jack comes face to face with some important truths in his life.

The Anchor Holds, by Darcy

Summary: What would happen if the guy's were found out? This is a kind of a worst case scenario.

Two Hand Touch, by Darcy

Summary: Jack plays a little game of street football.

Alternate Reality: A Horror Story!, by Debi C

Summary: Jack and Daniel take a wrong turn out of the Stargate and wind up on in an alternate SGC, but things aren't as similar, or as simple as one might think. 


Continued Passage, by Kiva

Summary: A moment of understanding after the trauma of 'Rite of Passage'. Pre-slash.

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